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You can shave the baby

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I received an email from a non-related, doppelganger-like acquaintance in California the other day about supporting (which I did) a benefit for cancer in which she will shave her head. So I thought I’d post the link here in case that might serve to help her cause. I’d say that’s an impressively bold and brave move for a boldly destructive disease.

And, (according to grammarphobia it is ok to start sentences with “and”, Gnomus, but I do blindly [blithely?] break all the rules here) speaking of shaving, later that day I saw an intriguing image of a doll covered with patches of red hair called, “You can shave the baby” which at first I thought to be a real toy. So I fact-checked it at (Our human technology meets your biggest organ! Even no concept but still good sense!), home of the bengigngirl phone and other lovelies.

As it turns out, it is a 1994 piece by Polish artist Zbigniew Libera, whose 1996 Llego Concentration Camp Set caused… well, read about that here.

Libera - you can shave the baby

Libera - you can shave the baby

You Can Shave The Baby, 1995
10 dolls in cardboard boxes, [10x] 55,9 x 20,3 x 25,4 cm

Another Libera piece I find hilariously frighteningly hilarious is Ken’s Aunt.

Libera - Ken's Aunt

Libera - Ken's Aunt

Ken’s Aunt, 1994
24 dolls in cardboard boxes, [24x] 32 x 8 x 5 cm

I googled ‘Ken’s Aunt’ in hopes of finding more information about this piece and found, “He knew the only place for Ken was behind bars. He persuaded Ken’s other relatives to tell the police everything they knew. On Paul’s advice, Ken’s Aunt …” from, The Coed Call Girl Murder. I am not sure if this work has any relation to that book but I like to think it does. [LINK]

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