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Life is a Carnival

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More rust spots to go. I hope I don't dent the hood getting to those.

More rust spots to go. I hope I don't dent the hood getting to those.

I was working in the alley again yesterday. I have all this rust on my car; I have little spots here and there and threatening to grow. One of them is on my door so, fearing losing my door and having no budget for taking my car to an auto body shop or to buy a new door, I decided to do it myself. I felt qualified, in a half-assed way, since last summer I had use fiberglass and resin and bondo to create the vacuum cleaner project, in that same alley, and it was fun working in the alley with all the visitors, human and otherwise.

There was this loud BOOM! As I was dragging out a 100 ft extension cord and I ducked and then looked around to see if anyone saw that embarrassing bit. People opened their windows and leaned out and seeing me, asked what was that. I told them my new project is a mosaiced canon and I was trying it out. No, really I told them I didn’t know and then of course told them about my embarrassing duck which I’d just a moment ago hoped no one would notice. I am like that. It can be embarrassing to be me.

Not so bad for a first auto body project.

Not so bad for a first auto body project.

So I was using my disk sander and grinding off the rust when 3 huge HG&E trucks came by. Guess what!? It was my same pals from that whole saving the birds by cutting the Bird-killing wire thing. It was nice to see their smiley faces. One said hey! You guys were in the paper yesterday and gave me a copy of the Republican with an article about Holyoke artists quoting the city’s “goal to create and establish a network for artists” and also saying, “I think they’re going to play a very important part in revitalizing downtown”. Gosh. That’s sweet.

We do have quite the existing network and we all mostly know each other and have meetings and such (like the one with the Mayor last week) and it’s nice that the city wants to know us as well. It’s funny how a group of people with limited resources and peculiar skills can be credited with a revitalization. The article was right next to an article titled. “Two men rob audio shop”; that wasn’t us though. So HG&E likes us (and they like the wildlife), and the Mayor likes us and now the City likes us. That’s a lot of like.

Anyway – I was wearing my respirator and gloves and my favorite ratty old red hoodie sweatshirt for this momentous first-time auto body project. That sweatshirt is like a security blanket. And it was fresh from the wash because I had inadvertently make it smell by using elderberry hand cream the other day, which made it smell not like elderberry but like something else, like a person from my past who caused me insecurity. My security blanket had thus become an insecurity blanket, but after the wash it was all security-ish again.

My friend Jim,

Apropos of nothing really: My friend Jim, visiting from Brooklyn, ponders the "dness" in The Kindness Coolerator.

I had gotten all the rust off and more guys came by from my building and asked when I was going to spray the primer. I said in a bit. NONONO!, they said. You have to do it now; the metal starts oxidizing immediately and so you cannot wait. Shit!, I replied, I have therapy at 2! So I rushed and got the primer done in time. Phew. Then halfway through therapy, and the recounting of the latest crisis, my therapist said, “that’s a fire drill, I have to leave the building.” And she hung up with a promise to call back.

Sometimes I feel like a cartoon.

But my auto body work came out pretty good for a novice. In this life.

Main Entry:
Pronunciation: \pi-ˈkyül-yər\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English peculier, from Latin peculiaris of private property, special, from peculium private property, from pecu cattle; akin to Latin pecus cattle – more at fee
Date: 15th century

1: characteristic of only one person, group, or thing : distinctive

2: different from the usual or normal: a: special , particular b: odd , curious c: eccentric , queer
synonyms see characteristic, strange
– pe·cu·liar·ly adverb

Gosh! Mayor Mike and HG&E come to the bird rescue

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HG&E clipping the Bird Killing Wire

HG&E clipping the Bird Killing Wire on the other side of the canal

After my call to HG&E did not make immediate enough action (birds were dying on average of one per week, according to my abacus) and because this is my neurotically fixated obsession of the moment, I emailed Mayor Mike Sullivan and told him about my bird cause and included a link to my post. And had included in said post that I was going to ask him, the honorable Mayor Michael Sullivan, for help.

So there’s that bit of conniving, admittedly.

This morning I had a reply from Mayor Mike himself that he was on it. Mayor Mike and I have a history. I used to (I am slacking a bit lately) clip every newspaper and magazine article I found about Holyoke artists and drop them off at his office, with his ambivalent receptionist. In explaining this to my friend Maren I said, “Well, I think he probably wants to know what we are doing here and because we live and/or work in the city he presides over, it’s like he’s our Dad” and she laughed. I have sent him long emails about what us artists are doing here etc and he replies. He is our very patient Dad. I finally met Mayor Michael Sullivan in person at a recent meeting. I said it’s me, Mo, your self-appointed clipping service. I didn’t tell him that I think of him as our Dad and that in my imagination he puts all the clippings on a fridge in his office at City Hall. I exhibited a very rare restraint.

looking at the drained canal while waiting for the HG&E guys to drive around to the other side. Good thing it was drained. What if they fell in?

Looking at the drained canal while waiting for the HG&E guys to drive around to the other side. Good thing it was drained. What if they fell in? I would save them.

So a few minutes ago, as I was putting together a bonfire because tonight I have friends coming over (in an hour, but I am so excited that I had to type this now) to celebrate a peach blueberry cheesecake that Kathy made, which obviously calls for wine and a bonfire, I heard this “helloooo? hello!?” and I went around the corner and there were two guys from HG&E. I knew why they were here of course, it hit me immediately, as sometimes I think fast! So I asked, “Oh!? Are you here to save the birds?” and they were. These guys were hilarious. And brave. Oh, the drama.

They surveyed the situation and said they’d need to climb the pole. This gave me instant vertigo because I thought of myself climbing the pole and I am afraid of such things. So I suggested the go to the other side of the canal and clip it there and then cut the pole on this side about 4 feet up and staple it.

HGE cutting the cable on this end, high enough to leave room for FS's daily performance.

HG&E cutting the cable on this end, high enough to leave room for Flirty Squirrel.

The reason it had to be clipped 4 feet up is because of Flirty Squirrel. Flirty Squirrel comes out about 1-3 pm each day and does this crazy breakdance kind of acrobatic thing which involves the first 4 feet of the pole. He looks at me, or the birds that might be gathered around (that only happens once in a while though) and then somehow jumps sideways and barrel rolls in the air and then does forward and backward flips. he is hilarious. he always looks to see if I am watching. I am sweet on Flirty Squirrel. Par time=27 minutes. Birds saved. Nice.

HG& going back to work after saving the birds

HG&E going back to work after a hard day's work of saving the birds

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