If you want to be on the weekly digest email notification of my blog you can email me at mo [at] fridgequeen [dot] com and I will add you.

I offer this email notification thingie because people asked for it and said they didn’t want to have to figure out how to set up a feed or a google alert.  I get that. Learning new things sometimes hurts my head.

If you have ever unsubscribed from this list with all caps and more than one exclamation point, I’ll probably be too scattered to add you to that list.



2 Responses to “SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG!?#”

  1. Mo,

    I’m slowly entering the blogshere as an audience. It’s only recently, that Ike made it so I could link from Outlook Express. I used to have to cut and paste through the browser to link to sites. So you are educating me to this whole sphere of information and entertainment.

    As always I enjoy your writing, humor and spirit.

    On observation, the black background makes it had for me to read the type.
    When you have the light blue type about your exhibit Cover Me that was the easiest to read.


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