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Wednesday, April 22, 8-9 AM on Mo Radio

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My guest will be Jess Dugan and we’ll be chatting about An evening of TRANS Art and Activism. Listen live if you are in the Pioneer Valley area at WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM from 8-9 AM or, stream it live at

The podcast will be posted later in the day at my podcast page.


My broken leg and Mr. Lif at Pearl Street

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Scroll down more and more to read about a great show this Friday night at pearl street featuring Mr. Lif. I am meandering to it…

This is my right leg on ski accident.

This is my right leg on ski accident. Click for larger view. Although, it is sort of nauseating.

So, I was just this past weekend telling friends about one apartment on Newton Street in Brighton that came with alarmclockicity. Actually lately it’s all memory lane blathering with me, as I recently had to move some boxes out of storage, that I last packed in Boston in 2002.

Among my Boston things I found my X-rays and titanium rod from my skiing accident in 1991 which I wrote about with pics here. When I made that post I did not have the X-rays. So I have them now and I held them up to the light and took some fairly reasonable pics right before I popped the flash card out of my camera and into my water glass. I hope it dries out and still works. Shit.

Anyway–this is a “before” shot from the hospital. Then I had the choice of a cast from the thigh to the ankle for 6 months and a subsequent cast from the knee down for another 4 months and the math made me crazy so I opted for the surgery and the lovely piece of forever yours, inside and out, titanium “pin”. I call it a rod though as it is 14 inches in length.

The funny thing about the previous post about the broken leg is that it includes pics I took of a neighbor from my Brighton apartment at 1315 Comm Ave (The Peerless) for his cd cover. And he had dreadlocks, loads of them. And this post is really (when it’s not about my broken leg X-rays) about a previous Brighton neighbor musician with dreadlocks, but this neighbor had like 5 of them.

Mr. Lif; see what I mean about the low quantity of dreadlocks? That is like 5 dreadlocks.

Mr. Lif; see what I mean about the low quantity of dreadlocks? That is like 5 dreadlocks. If that.

So, you know how when you go through the tolls at Newton (on the Pike, when you are going to Boston) and you go under that hotel over the Pike and then if you look way up to your right you can’t help but notice the row of old brownstones on the top of the hill? I always wondered about those. And then I moved into one of them. Although I didn’t at first know I was living in those houses; it took a while to figure that out. I can be slow on that uptake.

Left, the titanium rod, now out of my leg and into my permanent collection; Right, the leg after surgery with the rod inside the tibula.

Left, the titanium rod, now out of my leg and into my permanent collection; Right, the leg after surgery with the rod inside the tibula.

Anyway-they are these old brownstones built in the 1880s shaped like a square half circle, from an aerial view, and in back we had a patio with a bar and tiki thingies and so we called it the tiki bar. In the apartment below me were very nice people and one of them was Mr. Lif. Somewhere I have a picture of him petting Jamoka at a party in the tiki bar. Mr. Lif had huge dreadlocks as if he’d scooped a very few huge chunks of hair into what added up to 5 dreadlocks.

And I could hear him playing his whatever night after night although I could really only hear the bass. It was monotonous but pleasant, being only the bass that filtered through the ceiling; it actually lulled me to sleep. His mom made me this coconut bread that was crazy good. And then in the morning the traffic would start slowly with 18 wheelers and commuters starting the drive and the trucks would still be upshifting from coming through the tolls so the increasing noise and shifting gears would lull me awake. It was all quite logical and lullish.

And then just now, after taking pics of my X-rays and memorylaning and anecdotalling about Boston, I got this email from my friend Jim announcing the Mr. Lif show at Pearl street this Friday so I am going to it. Hey! Wouldn’t it be fab if his mom came to it and she had coconut bread? it could happen. And Mr. Lif will be calling in to my radio show this Wednesday at 8 am ish so tune in to 103.3 FM to hear him, or stream it at

mr. Lif at Pearl Street, the poster

mr. Lif at Pearl Street, the poster

And now here is a message from Mr. Lif:
What’s up Northampton?! I’m just checking in to let y’all know that I’m amped for the show this Friday, Nov 21st at Pearl Street. “Why is Mr. Lif so excited about the show?” you may be asking yourself. Allow me to tell.

For months I have sat in the solitude of my studio, working on a new album that has come to be titled “I Heard It Today”. It’s a political record that is focused on capturing the pulse of these crazy times we’re living in. There is no better reward after being locked away in the studio than being allowed the chance to perform my new songs for a room full of listeners.

Being that I was born and raised in Boston, MA., I’ve always enjoyed getting out of the city for that 2 hour ride to come rock at Pearl Street. Come to the show and be amongst the first to see material from my new album performed live!!!!!

P.S. I’ll have the extremely limited edition “Sleepyheads 3” CD with me, so don’t miss out!

Thanks for your support!!!


Isn’t it funny that his CD is called “Sleapyheads 3”? Oh the coincidence.

Being ‘The Grandiose Self in Everyday Life’ means never having to say you’re sorry

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The below-this post about the cancellation of our fundraising event had me thinking about apologizing.

Yesterday a friend named Tobey sent me a fascinating article on Narcissism and mirrors from The New York Times which is relevant to everything, of course. Then I had a scintillating conversation with another friend about much of the same and so I obsessively ponder and google. It seems we have very distorted senses of self and will pick our own faces out of an array faster and with higher familiarity when they are airbrushed or photoshopped, yet when picking out our friend’s faces we choose the realistic and untouched ones. This would explain a lot about narcissistic tendencies, the perception of self and grandiose notions.

fabulopus Photo by Vivienne Flesher, lifted without permission from the NYT.

Fabulous Photo by Vivienne Flesher, lifted without permission from the NYT.

This made me think about how I am currently apologizing to already contacted media people about the postponement of our VFR fundraiser, and about apologizing in general. Apologizing is not so bad – I find it freeing. I think I actually feel more confident for offered apologies because there is perhaps a confidence in not owning a delusion that I cannot be wrong (which no one is buying anyway) and presenting a humble, and thus realistic front. I admire humility and realistic self-perceptions in people. I think about this a lot, and had a conversation yesterday with a friend in Canada about it, which I wish was in person but those gas prices…. Oh my. I have even been siphoned. This shit is dire.

Narcissivision, by me

Narcissivision, by me. Property of Veronika Travis and Molly O'Brien

Anyway-my aforementioned friend tends to always end up in relationships with non-apologists and thus she is always apologizing to them for even looking for an apology or for expressing that she is hurt, thus threatening their rightness. She calls them Narcissists. In my work and in my travels in life I am fascinated with Narcissism. I made a piece called Narcissivision in which my modern take on the myth of Narcissus involves a television with a mirrored backing inside and a neon ring reflecting endlessly to suggest the eddying effects of self-perception and mimics the ripples in his gazing pond, to which he was psychologically adhered. You have to look closely into Narcissivision to see yourself but the image of yourself is not real, it is fragmented and distorted; it is delusional.

So I googled and I found the Dr. X Free Association blog and he writes:

The Narcissist’s Inability To Apologize Or Express Thanks In Everyday Life

I just stumbled on an excellent, brief article by Nancy McWilliams and Stanley Leppendorf on everyday manifestations of narcissism. I read it a number of years ago and misplaced the only hard copy I had, so I was pleased to run across it online today. The authors examine the everyday implications of the narcissist’s need to protect an internal sense of grandiosity. They explain why the narcissist finds it difficult to apologize, show gratitude, admit error and experience or show need. They also comment on the experience of the person who is chronically subject to the defensive maneuvers of the narcissist. As one patient describes it, the narcissist leaves you feeling ‘mind-fucked.”

We have put particular emphasis on the psychological encumbrance borne by the objects of essentially narcissistic transactions, whose usual response to the prolonged substitution of other behaviors for expressions of sorrow and thanks includes confusion, self-criticism, loneliness, and diffuse irritation – an overall sense of having been, as one of our patients put it. “mind-fucked.” The state of confusion induced by narcissistic defenses may say something about why it took so many years for psychoanalysts to develop a rich and specific literature about narcissism, comparable to that on the more “classical” psychopathologies.

So I sent this to my now twice-aforementioned friend and she wrote back, “Having been raised by Narcissists who were never wrong, I have spent my life seeking out the company of other Narcissists because they are familiar to me. My childhood was a mind-fuck, as are my relationships with other Narcissists (they are everywhere) and I have perpetuated that. Yes, I have those confusion, self-criticism, and diffuse irritation issues as a result – good to know it’s not only me that suffers low self-esteem as the result of overexposure to narcissists. Thanks for sending me this. I am canceling therapy this week and will send you the $100 dollars instead. Buy yourself some decent shoes, for god’s sake.”

So I am waiting for my check, although I think I’ll buy sushi instead. Or get a membership in AAA because my car is sort of mind-fucked and otherwise compromised by narcissistic curbs. And I found this article Dr. X sent me to so fascinating that I am posting another excerpt here:

The Grandiose Self in Everyday Life

The earliest psychoanalytic depiction of a grandiose self-representation is probably Ernest Jones’ 1913 paper on “The God Complex,” describing what would now be considered a narcissistic disorder. Continue reading

Valley Free Radio Fundraiser at Look Park on August 9 is postponed

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Sigh. Sometimes shit happens and things need to be undone, with tails between legs and apologies galore. For some of us this is perhaps a way of life. Anyway–the event I posted about previously is now postponed with a future date TBD and thus to be announced again later. Have patience with me when I re-announce it.

The August 9 Valley Free Radio Fundraiser at Look Park with all the bands and etc is postponed. If you see one of our fliers or posters anywhere could you take them down and toss them for us? Thanks.

I am looking at the work on this event to date as a dress rehearsal. I had, perhaps embarrassingly, reached out too far and too much to fellow area bloggers in an appeal for coverage of this event. I do however now know who is willing to post about it to help spread the word and who I can contact with the new date, and that would be the fabuli Tommy Devine, Daryl G. LaFleur and Tzivia Gover (who is my guest next Wednesday on my radio show at 8 AM on VFR, 10303 FM).

Please check out their blogs. Great stuff. great people.

“Then She Found Me” author on Mo Radio Wednesday, May 28.

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I have many friends; imaginary and real (ish). My radio guests are all real though. This post is about tomorrow’s real guest on my mostly real radio show. And ends up being about a letter I recently got from Salman Rushdie (at the end), as it turns out.

Tomorrow (A Wednesday — specifically May 28, 2008) — on Mo Radio, my scheduled guest was to be the brilliant Silas Kopf. But I had stumbled upon a movie review (in The Valley Advocate, I think) of the movie Then She Found Me and emailed the author, Elinor Lipman, inviting her to be my guest next week. But she was busy next week so I switched her with the gracious Silas (who knows her, as it turns out, in a small world kinda way). Silas Kopf will now be my guest next Wednesday (for my show is Wednesdays from 8-9 AM in a regular and structured kind of way, as opposed to my irregular and unstructured life), June 4, 2008 from 8-9 AM.

Elinor Lipman \Anyway, tomorrow Elinor will join me for a live one hour chat from 8-9 AM which can be heard at 103.3 FM, if you are within 100 watts (or whatevers) of Florence, MA. Or you can stream it at Or not. It’s all up to you. Only you can decide what is best for you. Free to be, you and me, and Up With People and all that.

The movie is currently in theaters and is about a woman who is adopted and whose biological mother turns up. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie but am planning to do so soon. From the author’s website:

Watch a trailer for the movie at Helen Hunt’s Web site, and see the beautiful movie-tie-in jacket for Then She Found Me, available April 1.

Then She Found Me, based on my first novel by the same name, and starring Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, Colin Firth, and Matthew Broderick, will open April 25, 2008, in New York and Los Angeles, then wider (and wider again.) Variety called the filma smart, subtle and seriously funny dramedy bound to find favor with sophisticated auds….Pic often is extremely funny, but the comedy always remains rooted in sharply and warmly observed reality. (A nice touch: Most of the characters are Jewish, and their traditions clearly mean much to them.)”

Author’s ecstatic note: I saw TSFM on Oct. 16 at a screening, and adored it. I laughed and I cried and I came away calling Helen Hunt (who wrote the screenplay and directed the film) a genius. Bette Midler as Bernice–you can’t take your eyes off her. Fabulous performances all around. Cameo by Salman Rushdie as a bemused obstetrician!

I know a thing or two about this subject. I don’t yet know Salman Rushdie though. But I did read The Ground Beneath Her Feet although I didn’t quite finish it. I was traveling in Australia and it got lost. Salman is sending me a new copy. Maybe he’ll sign it. Maybe he’ll write…

“Dear Mo, I am sending you this copy to replace the one you lost. I am also enclosing two plane tickets so you can go back to Australia and look for your original copy and can bring a friend to help carry your bags. Please say hello to your new best friend Sue Tilley when she comes to visit you in June and try to stay out of trouble. I love the Diner Stools. Stay in therapy though, it does help. And, um, looks like you had a lot of fun all by yourself in the comments section of the Big Sue post. It may be a good thing that no one reads those, but I do love that Big Sue commented on your post about her and I am serious about wanting you to introduce me to her. Does the internet not totally rock? That’s how I stayed in touch with the world when I was in hiding all those years after I wrote *that* book. Man, the first time I openly ate out in a restaurant it felt glorious. I ordered 5 appetizers and 2 entrees. With Love, Salman (Rushdie).”

Then I will send him a Thank You note and some handmade wineglasses. yay.

I really have some extraordinary imaginary friends. Seriously, they are always there for me and will do anything for me.


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But only of course if you like it enough to do so. It’s the annual reader’s poll and I think Valley Free Radio is the best radio station because it is volunteer-run and has a wide variety of listening flavors and because I have a show on it.

Voting is here, and you can familiarize yourself with VFR programming here.

VFR is locally produced and manned and is commercial free. It’s organic.

Thoughts on interviewing Mary Gauthier

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Mary gauthier is coming to the iron horse and I am on the guest list plus one. I asked Jim the PR King at IHEG if I couls also interview her for my radio show. he said perhaps I could bring a handheld and interview her for a few minutes before the show. So my 5 typing fingers free-associated back:

hmmm….. hand held is an idea.

through maybe it would be rushed? maybe she gets annoyed at people in her face all the time? with equipment? and question marks? the never-ending question marks? sometimes 2 or 3 piled up at the end of the stupid, predictable sentence???

lashing out at all the question marks, the never ending question marks, wondering why no one ever throws semi colons or tildas at her. the ennui of every interview being groundhog day and the pushy fans and the smell of microphones that have heard too much boring bullshit till they want to feedback or electrocute the annoying radio host slowly but thoroughly like the cheap saccharine off-brand stay puff that they think they hide behind the “on-air personality”. so desolate, so bleak, so sysiphean, soooo dramatic.

maybe I could simply meet her and say hi and tell her I know her from The Dixie Kitchen in Boston. I’d rather be unannoying.

maybe I won’t bother. maybe you could just tell there is a non-violent crazy person out there who idolizes her for her music and courage and originality and unique uniqeness and who LOVED The Dixie Kitchen and remembers her from seeing her at the restaurant.

and who was also adopted.

and arrested.

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