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THE KEVIN SERIES: American Kevinstand

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Kevin’s wife Juli is my biggest supporter.

Pulp Science Fiction Spring Event

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Paper City Studios Announces Spring Open Studios and Installation Event! May 8, 9 and 10, 2009.

Paper City Studios’ “Pulp Science Fiction” spring event offers open studios with resident artists working in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, multimedia, performance and fashion design. Guest artists featured in our 5,000 square foot special exhibition space present gas masks for elephants, video by alien invaders and close encounters with spaghetti and marshmallows. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 8, 9 and 10 at 80 Race Street in the Holyoke canal district. Admission is free. Information at

Pulp Science Fiction Poster

Pulp Science Fiction Poster


(MapQuest – 80 Race St, Holyoke, MA, 01040)

Dates and Times:

Fri, May 8 Opening night reception, open studios and installation exhibit – 6 to 9 p.m.

Sat, May 9 Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 9p.m.

Sun, May 10 Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 5p.m.


Bernard Banville, sculpture/installation

Michal Barrett, sound

Neil Broome, collage, painting

Christopher Blair, video

Torsten Zenas Burns, installation , video projection

Karen Dolmanisth, sculpture/installation

Bruce Fowler, sculpture, video installation

Unique Fredrique, unknown artistic direction

Kari Gatzke, installation

Gary Hallgren, sculpture

Amy Johnquest, installation

Charles Jones, sculpture

Ruth Kristoff, sculpture/installation

George May, photography

Rebecca Migdal, multimedia

Mia Nacamulli, installation

Chris Nelson, sculpture/installation

Dean Nimmer, painting, drawing

Twyla Reardon, installation

Mo Ringey, sculpture

Kim Rosner, clothing design

Nancy Sachs, sculpture

Dan Warner, installation/video/sound

Christopher Willingham, painter /installation


Bruce Fowler, brucefowlerart[at]

Dean Nimmer, deannimmer[at]

Paper City Blog

Parsons Hall Project Space

Wednesday, April 22, 8-9 AM on Mo Radio

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My guest will be Jess Dugan and we’ll be chatting about An evening of TRANS Art and Activism. Listen live if you are in the Pioneer Valley area at WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM from 8-9 AM or, stream it live at

The podcast will be posted later in the day at my podcast page.


For $10 you can be in a Kinks Reunion Movie

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In a way…  click here.  See for yourself.

Geoff Edgers, in his Kinkumentary

Geoff Edgers, in his Kinkumentary

Get The Kinks out (of scatter/splitdom)

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One man is trying to complete a Kinks documentary and also get The kinks together. See that one man’s youtube video of work done on the film to date. Help that film. Read on…

Geoff Edgers, in his Kinkumentary

Geoff Edgers, in his Kinkumentary

“Do you believe in helping in my bizarre but hopefully entertaining quest to reunite the Kinks – and to capture it on film? Or do you simply want to get your name on the thank you section as the credits of a film scroll down the screen? Here’s your chance. We’ve been filming my quest for almost year. We’ve filmed Sting, Zooey Deschanel, Brian Wilson, Paul Weller, Robyn Hitchcock, among others. But we need about $5,000 to finish filming and editing in the next few weeks. Anything helps! $2, $5, anything. And for $200, you’ll be listed in the credits.

Here’s a clip:

You can paypal me at: And thanks!”

The day The Economy failed to forward the Lotus Totus email.

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Ken cake

I have no idea why this image is here. None.

UPDATE: In an effort to uncover the author of the Touts I have sent the following appeal: “Dear Geraldo Rivera, Can you please do an expose on the Lotus Totus, like you did with the ‘wrestling’ industry? That was awesome! Thanks, Mo”

What really happened to The Economy?

It just hit me today.

I think someone emailed the “Lotus ‘Touts” chain email to The Economy and it failed to forward it to all of its friends and then this “very unpleasant surprise” happened.

Maybe Bernie Madoff emailed the Lotus Touts to each of his clients and none of them forwarded it. If so, his actions are clearly justified as it was meant to be, per the negative magical power that is the Lotus Touts.

Astrologists the world over are trying to figure out why all horoscopes have suddenly turned dire.

The Lotus Touts must leave your hands in 6 MINUTES. Otherwise you will get a very unpleasant surprise.

It’s plausible. I mean, everyone – regardless of their faith, should believe in the true brilliance of the Lotus Totus/Touts, right? “This is true, even if you are not superstitious, agnostic, or otherwise faith impaired.”



That sentence confuses me, grammatically. Doesn’t the ‘not’ refer to everything that follows? So this would read, “This is true, even if you are not superstitious, not agnostic, or not otherwise faith impaired.” <–I like this version of that sentence not less, but many a lot more.

I failed to forward my Lotus Touts email and within hours I received a delinquent tax notice and one of my pirated software applications broke. <–True story. Who do I see about that? The sender (who, according to my logic, now owes me a paid, legitimate version of photoshop)? What risks do we take by forwarding this potentially dangerous bit of magic to our friends and family? Like, what if something REALLY awful happened? What if you found out that 10 minutes after receiving this email (and a subsequent investigation showed NO outgoing forwards of the Lotus Touts/Totus magical email on their computer) something really horrible had happened to your mother-in-law/neighbor/co-worker/partner? I think magical chain emails with potentially harmful consequences should be outlawed. Look what it did to The Economy.


According to it was originally called Lotus Totus and apparently someone typoed it along the way.  And now it keeps coming back and around as Lotus Touts.

That’s fucking hilarious! A chain letter with a typo in the very name of it, going around the world with said typo ten times. Brilliant.

For those of you who have not yet been blessed with this magical email I give you THE FULL BRILLIANCE THAT IS THE ORIGINAL LOTUS TOUTS EMAIL: (additional grammaticalities and typos below were included free of charge with the original email. I make more interesting typos, IMHO)

Lotus Touts means Good Luck which is a phrase use by the British!

The Lotus Touts must leave your hands in 6 MINUTES. Otherwise you will get a very unpleasant surprise. This is true, even if you are not superstitious, agnostic, or otherwise faith impaired.

HOPE IT BRINGS ALL OF YOU GOOD LUCK!!!! (but of course – the author has inserted 4 exclamation points!!!!)

(SNEAK PEEK: After the jump …”TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone Anthony Robbins. The caller Anthony Robbins will hear it in your voice…”) Continue reading

The big deal about Brie

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Cardboard boxes and hints of forgotten things, these are often full of the most mysterious things.

Newsweek Magazine December 31, 1985 THE YEAR OF THE YUPPIE

Newsweek Magazine December 31, 1984 THE YEAR OF THE YUPPIE

Last week I moved a bunch of boxes out of storage and into my studio. The resulting chaos is a pile of cardboard boxes full of things I barely recall packing. As I go through them and try to somehow assimilate them into my very finite space, I am finding all manner of thoughts and artifacts.

“What Yuppies have discovered is nothing less than a new plane of consciousness, a state of Transcendental Acquisition, in which the perfection of their possessions enables them to rise above the messy turmoil of their emotional lives. They know that Beauty is Truth, and Truth is Beauty, which is why their most eloquent symbol is the Rolex watch, which has both.”

A lot of the boxes were packed back in 2002 when I moved out of my Hewitt Street apartment in Roslindale – just one of many an apartment in the Boston area – in preparation for a move of hilariously epic proportions for its Odyssian foolishness, and which, something like 18 states later, landed me here. I think a lot of these boxes were never unpacked at that apartment; the contents seem to hint at being packed when I was 17 and packed to move to my first apartment.

Among these things are journals with entries about getting on stage with a band at Sheehan’s and playing the maroccas (Evidently on October 12, 1985; wonder who the band was. I have no recollection of this, and likely had no recollection the very next morning), and articles and pictures scissored out of magazines, clothing, random framed pictures and adornments from past, decorated, apartments, and this intriguing issue of Newsweek Magazine from December 31 of 1984. Evidently 1984 was THE YEAR OF THE YUPPIE.

"It is on the move again - that restless vanguard of the baby-boom generation, continually reinventing itself as it conquers the undefended decades of the 20th century." - Newsweek, December 31, 1984

Isn’t it funny – the phenomenon that was the yuppies – that it merited a special Gary Trudeau illustration and the cover of Newsweek? Funnier even that people posed for the photographs inside as bona fide yuppies and proud of it, because apparently they didn’t know the article would not entirely make them look good. I love the pics of yuppies restoring their gentrified townhouse in outfits that seem to never have seen a dirty moment. I was not a yuppie in the 80s. I was too busy getting perms and shoulder pads. But the article makes for great soundbites, especially when removed from context…
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