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Garage art

Posted in Animal Stuff, Life Performance Art on February 28, 2010 by Admin

Impress your neighbors with Amazing Garage Door Covers!”

A German firm called “Style Your Garage” – creates posters for garage doors which create some amusing illusions.

Prices range from $199 to $399 for the double-door! All but guaranteed to make passersby take a second look!

I am waiting for them to add a Diana Arbus or Joel Peter Witkin version. ;-)

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Ridiculously Cute Animal Stuff, Brilliant Idea

Posted in Activism?, Animal Stuff on February 21, 2010 by Admin


I am posting some of the cutest things I have found hanging around that interwebby thing and asking a simple thing in return, a click. This email currently running around is not a scam. Stats sell ads, ads generate revenue, revenues help support charitable organizations, and said orgs save people and animals and etc. Think of how good you will feel for a single click? A+B+C=ABC <—SUCH SIMPLE LOGIC!

But how to find time in a day to click on all charitable orgs’ websites? …. thinking… I got it! … I just had yet another BRILLIANT idea!

How about you set your home page to a different charitable organization’s home page each week so as to support their efforts without having to remember to click their sites each day? Then every time you open a browser window you will help that org sell ads? Flippy dance!

The email, thanks to Beth Fischer

Hi, all you animal lovers!

This is pretty simple… Please ask ten friends to each ask a further ten to do this today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals.
It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box ‘fund food for animals for free’. This doesn’t cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here’s the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.


So set your browser home pages and let the clicks begin.

Kittens and tales and random updates

Posted in Adventures and Interludes, Animal Stuff on July 23, 2009 by Admin

bunny bag 2I typically don’t like to ever begin a blog post with the old, “Gosh, I haven’t written in so long…”, so I’ll not do so. Nope.

But it has been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been medical appointments every week and sometimes up to one or more per day, for days on end. I am now seeing my old neurosurgeon in Boston from the days of the beginning of this ordeal, back in 1995. That’s a haul. I need a vacation from appointments, and from my crumbling spine. Oh, and from general insanity all around. I keep hearing, “Gosh, the whole world is stressed out and crazy!”. Yep. More fodder for the eventual book and too exciting to possibly get away with posting here, except perhaps in the form of “installments from a ‘friend’s’ upcoming novel”. ;-)

Lately I have been transient as it is high season for house sitting and pet sitting. I have had one gig after another and it is rather enjoyable to be away from my regular place and to have new pets every week. Like the kittens I am caring for now. Gosh. That’s all I can say.

bunny fierceI am also looking to move as winter is coming and after last winters’ heating debacle – 16 days with no heat, and 5 of them with no electric, meaning we could not even run space heaters and had to work elsewhere – I don’t much expect more of the same. It occurs to me that someone should buy a building and build reasonable live/work spaces – truly reasonable and not at the fancy prices that are out there now – one would have a full building in months with a waiting list pages long. Time to win the lottery. Yet I have no desire to be a landlord. Is it landlordism that makes people crazy? Or do crazy people become landlords? Chickens and eggs, that is the parallel question.

In the meantime are kittens and cats and gosh, it is such sweet sorrow parting from each place. It seems good housesitters are hard to find, so they say, and I hear many stories of snoopers and the like. And so I am in demand. Everyone should have a talent. :-)

whitey guyThis has been a boring post, by way of getting back in the habit. Soon I will update about the stray cat and the ensuing drama. I am just getting my feet wet again here and getting back in the habit. Meanwhile I bring you todays’ kittens, as shot by my cell phone.

And throwing it out there that I am looking for new space. I have never been late on my rent here, in the past 3 plus years, and my habits and hobbies are of the quiet sort. Gone are the days of parties and loud music while I work. I wonder if I am growing up.

Thanks to everyone who has been nudging me. I promise to get back in the habit. You all are so sweet.

Say it With Cake: Stray Cat Sayonara

Posted in Animal Stuff with tags on April 9, 2009 by Admin
I should have gotten him a Deer cake to celebrate a week since surgery.

I should have gotten him a buck-toothed Deer cake to celebrate a week since surgery.



Today was a week since Chauncey the Cat’s surgery so it was time to let him go. Somehow he seemed to know this as he was restless. I got to my studio at 10 AM today and pulled back the blankets and he blinked at me all sleepy-eyed and hunkered back down in his bedbox. So I made him a plate of Fancy Feast with a side of dry and slipped it into his cage.

Or maybe a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow parting gift cake

Or maybe a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow parting gift cake

About 30 minutes later he started crying and I saw that he had accidentally pushed his plate out of the cage, out of reach. So I went over to fix this and he started hissing at me. He doesn’t often hiss at me.

Instead of a goodbye note he left me this cake which he must have made in his Kenner Easy Bake Oven

Instead of a goodbye note he left me this cake which he must have made in his Kenner Easy Bake Oven

After fixing the plate I went back to work at my computer and heard him crying and this started a pattern of crying till I came to his cage and hissing when I got near. So I did it; I opened the door and also opened the door to the hallway and went back to work. I never heard a sound, but 5 minutes later I peeked over and the cage was empty. Dude was gone.

So I made this cake for him and left it in the hallway, near his new home. It has liver frosting.

So I made this cake for him and left it in the hallway, near his new home. It has liver frosting.

I didn’t see him for the rest of the day but just now I walked out to the back hallway and there he was; sitting in his usual hallway spot staring at me. And crying. As usual – as had been our ritual for the past few months – I sat on the floor a few feet away and talked to him and he stopped crying and settled down.When I went back in my studio I saw him peek around the corner to look into the door that I left open for him. I am buoyed by that.

That’s it. We are back to where we were, more or less. I am glad that he is not mad at me I am glad that he seems to miss me.

I thought this was a dog cake but upon closer inspection (wearing my glasses) it turns out that it is a ewe cake.

I thought this was a dog cake but it turns out that it is a ewe cake.

Oh, and before I let him go, we added sheetrock walls to his special new home so that when the landlord’s dogs are here, they can’t annoy him, even when he is in his indoor patio. I even taped a picture me on his wall inside his new catitat.

Stray cat update #I-lost-track

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THE STRAY CAT SAGA (back issues of this saga are here. See the Caged Cat Cam here.)

So this whole stray cat thing goes on and on, as things do if you let them, if you are a dramaqueen.

Ugh. I am so fucking sick of ink blots.

If Chauncey was black and white, he'd look like this inkblot. But he's butterscotchy-ish.

It is a wee bit overwhelming having this little living being in my studio because I feel responsible for his emotional well-being and so I ask my therapist for advice but she just asks me what I think she should think that I should think and do. So, I look to fortune cookies and friends for advice.

(He who hurries cannot walk with dignity.” Thanks ever so much, that’s very helpful.)

Now that she’s a male I have named him Chauncey, as was the popular choice in my naming-the-cat poll the other day. Captain Marvel Chauncey, the amazing (<–for some reason which I don’t yet know, but am certain of) stray cat. Chauncey for short with Marvie as nickname-in-waiting. I mostly think of him as Chauncey but call him Marvie, which rhymes with Harvey which makes me think of spying on my parents’ grownup parties when they’d laugh and eat Harvey Wallbanger cake.

Colored cream cheese Harvey Wallbanger cake sandwiches in blankets

Colored cream cheese Harvey Wallbanger cake sandwiches in blankets

And wear maxi skirts and have little cocktail napkins with funny things on them and eat little colored cream cheese sandwiches. We’d crouch on the top steps to the finished basement and go running every time someone went up the stairs to use the bathroom. I’d help make the colored cream cheese sandwiches and little folded mushroom pastry things and marvel over the jello molds. See how it all comes together? Harvey, Marvel, Marvie, grownups, responsibility, raising a stray cat. But I was talking about the stray cat. Continue reading

Stray cat update III: Help name the newly male cat

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I finally got an appointment to have the stray cat checked, vaccinated and fixed on Wednesday. I was relieved to have the ordeal nearly over and also to have the chance to clean and rearrange her cage in a more logical manner, so she’d not hunker down in her litterbox in fear. I would put the new bed in a box I had made for her in the back, and the litterbox in the front, so I could clean it daily. This was a logical plan.

The Animal Control Officer was due to pick her up at 5ish and bring her back at 9ish, both in the PM.

It was a big day, that Wednesday.

"CAT" in his bedroom

"CAT" in his bedroom: post surgery

I went to the Doctor at 11AM and she diagnosed shingles and gave me a prescription. She also took blood and ran tests and booked follow-up appointments with her and also with a specialist.

This is not my exact Animal Control Officer, but is a reasonable fascsimile

This is not my exact Animal Control Officer, but is a reasonable facsimile

I took the first new pill at 6ish. Then I started feeling nauseous and anxious but that made sense since I have been always been against trapping this little stray cat who had appeared in my hallway months before. I was worried that she would be traumatized by a trip to the vet. When the ACO came I hid in another studio so I’d not get upset if she cried. I was getting really nauseous. As the nausea grew worse I thought, “this seems worse than nerves and worry. I wonder if I am allergic to this new prescription.” Then it hit BAD. This could not be nerves, I recall thinking in that blur of willspareyouthedetails.

At 8:30ish PM the ACO calls. She is out in the alley in the rain with my stray cat, who, BTW, is a boy as it turns out. She waits in the alley for 10 minutes till I can get to a place where I can let her in. I open the door, we put the cat in the newly cleaned and logically rearranged cage, I throw a few hundred dollar bills at her, ask her if she has a gun I can borrow (for me, not the cat) and as soon as she leaves (she would not give me her gun), I call a friend to take me to the ER. Because now I am sure this is some horrible reaction to the new anti-viral medication.

"Cat"'s temporary resting house with layout

"Cat"'s temporary resting house with layout

By 1 AM I am on a bed and have been examined by a Physician at the ER who has looked at my arm and asked about the needle mark … Continue reading

My stray cat has a friend!

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UPDATE: Check out my new live cat cam! I set it in her cage when she was not looking…

UPDATE II: She’s a boy!

The stray cat saga continues. And now Cholla has a friend, who she is sponsoring, care of my friend Maureen.

Parker, Cholla's new pal

Parker, Cholla's new pal

Parker seems to have a lot in common with Cholla as you will see by his bio. They can be buddies in rescue.

About Parker… Continue reading

Trapped stray cat update

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Rabbits, lots of them. We want to fix Cholla so she won't reproduce like rabbits.
Rabbits, lots of them. We want to fix Cholla so she won’t reproduce like rabbits.

My daily horoscope warned me yesterday – and last week – about too many goings with flows. But I didn’t listen. It seems easiest to just go along with whatever I am being told/asked/ordered/encouraged to do and then finagle/customize/circumvent and make an end run toward the right thing (to do) at that crucial moment. To please, and then subvert if necessary, toward a seemingly mutually-advantageous ending, has been my aim. I never wanted to trap the cat but was told I had no choice. So the cat-trapping thing sorta fell into this category and I was told, by the expert person; “Here is the trap. Now it is set. Call when the cat is in it and we will pick up the cat and take it to the vet who will examine it, fix it, and return it all shiny and fresh.” Good plan. The cat would be inconvenienced by a day or so. I agreed to that. But maybe I did not ask enough questions?

Poopie Jones, my neighbor's cat, who Cholla used to serenade every night when she was FREE.
Poopie Jones, my neighbor’s cat, who Cholla used to serenade every night when she was FREE.

So, the cat was trapped and then the actual plan of now calling around and finding a vet floated to the surface of reality. On a Friday night. It seems there was no plan. I must have missed something. And it seems that vets don’t often work on Saturdays and are not so keen to see strays. This is not a wild animal. I think she had a home once and ran away from it.

Anyway, I am rolling with this. FREAKING OUT about possibly causing emotional damage to this innocent little cat, but I am on it. I’d not have trapped the cat (I’d have actually sabotaged the trapping) had I known Continue reading

The story of Cholla/Bastette, my studio-mate

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This image has nothing to do with my stray cat but links to another post about radioactive cats.

This image has nothing to do with my stray cat but links to another post about radioactive cats.


So a few months ago this stray, possibly feral, cat appeared in our building. I was sitting outside the landlord’s office testing the routers because I had no internet connection and I had plugged my laptop directly into the main ethernet cable, bypassing the routers, to see if we had any connection coming into the building at all. I am not often sitting outside my landlord’s door with my laptop. As if by chance, I am not often in the same part of the building as my landlord, and I tend to ‘conserve energy’ during the days when he is here by turning off lights and music in my studio. On said days, I also tend to practice ‘special tactics’ by taping leaves to my car and parking it in the bushes, on said days. But that’s another story.

Hottie fab men. Click them and they spring to larger life!

Hottie fab men. Click them and they spring to larger life!

By the way, Saturday April 4th is Pacifico Palumbo’s birthday. He and his partner Michael Collins are truly fabulous. Looks like they fired up their restaurant, The Green Emporium.

So on this day I am sitting on the stool with my laptop when I hear my neighbor jumping around in his studio and exclaiming. Then his door flew open and there he was in the doorway, with wild eyes and crazy hair and Continue reading

Click here for Obama sushi rolls

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obama-roll-2Click here

Then you will have the magic permission to click here… Continue reading

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