NOTE: The Big Hair Past mentioned and linked in Geoff Edgers blog post is actually a blog entry called, “Hair and Water” and is a tale of the intersection between a job interview and the mercifully brief bouffant resurgence trend in the late 90’s which can be found here. This page is just silly old images as scanned by a friend.


Sometimes bad means good. These are pictures Nancy scanned for me. Nancy was assigned to me at birth as best-friend-for-life.

Mo Ringey and superfriends, aged 5ish?

Nancy is the one laughing. She looks like she *just* got an adult joke while the rest of us are still confused. I am far left. The cute boy is my brother Matt who nicknamed me “Mo” the first day he met me. He died at 22 so I will treasure the name.

Mo Ringey 4 or 5ish years old
Forest Park Zoo, Springfield, MA

Age 5? Flower girl at a wedding for Candy and Mike. That's Matt beyond me.

Age 5? Flower girl at a wedding for Candy and Mike. That

Oh, the pants!

I totally remember picking those pants out in the Sears catalog. Love at first site. I wish I still had them.

Birthday party on Nancy’s front steps. I forget what I got her.

I am back row left with the boo-boo face. I wonder who those two girls are on the right and why they had to have big pieces of paper pinned to them? Were they being punished for some crime? Did they often forget their way home?
Girl scouts. Oh boy.

I kinda loved girl scouts too. Especially the camping trips. I got in so much trouble on the camping trips. It was sort of impossible to follow all of the rules at camping. I still remember what it said on the outhouse wall.

Mo Ringey Photograph

Amish Festival in Kutztown, PA. July 1979. That hat is made of soda cans including Dr. Pepper and Mr. Up or something like that. My Aunt Edie knitted it for me. Yes, in one outfit I mixed yellow and orange and my shirt actually says, “Take me, I’m Yours.” I remember those jeans – they had brown and orange stitched stripes on the back pockets and were huge favorites for quite some time.


Eight grade dance I think. My first fancy long dress. I remember getting that haircut-my first feather cut! For days I couldn’t resist mirrors. I wonder who that girl is in the middle? If she had a note pinned to her like the ones above it might give me a clue.


So many pictures throughout my life have that same laugh with wide-open laugh. Except for the 2 years that I had braces.


First day of high school at Longmeadow High. See? I had braces–mouth tightly shut.


Nancy moved to Florida so I had to visit her there. The fashion sense persists to Disneyworld. I remember that shirt. I liked it, but I didn’t love it.


For me, the 80s started in 1979. I was enthralled with that jumpsuit. I wish I still had that too. Why does Nancy always look more normally attired? She certainly showed more restraint in the hair department. 09-03-2006-101104am-2.jpg

With Nancy’s parents at Sea World. I don’t so much miss that shirt.

A vest!!!?  WTF?

I think Nancy should scan more images for me.

8 Responses to “BAD PANTS AND BIG HAIRS”

  1. I still have my jumpsuit ,and you can borrow it whenever
    your little heart desires!!!!!

  2. Don’t mess with my feelings. Serious?

  3. The jumpsuit is very nice. Mary Tyler Moore is pinching Ted Baxter right now just thinking about it…

  4. ok, i’ll bite. what DID it say on the outhouse wall? (can we repeat this in mixed company?…….what does THAT mean??)

  5. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I had pants like that and that exact yarn and tin can hat — although mine was made from Bud cans! This proves you have always as beautiful as you are inside AND out. OMG jumpsuits are coming back this spring. Filene’s basement, here I come!

  6. Oh yeah… don’t forget the Dr. Scholls’ sandals you appear to be wearing in the Disney World heart shirt feeding a goat photo! I L O V E D mine…

  7. i know i have a copy of that amish festival pic with ‘windswept mo’ photoshopped in. those were good times.

  8. Well Moseley, I’d scan and post but the ex tossed your photo.

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