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Me: Of all the piles of words I have ever read, the following bit hit the hardest, resonated unendingly and seemed the most familiar in some way that I cannot describe. I guess this is how the most memorable days have felt to me.

“I thought, “This is going to be one of my greatest days.” For not only was the high feeling of the night still with me, which set a kind of record, but I became convinced (and still am convinced) that things, the object-world itself, gave me a kind of go-ahead sign.

No, what happened was like nothing previously conceived; it took the form merely of the light at daybreak against the white clay of the wall beside me and had an extraordinary effect, for right away I began to feel the sensation in my gums warning of something lovely, and with it a close or painful feeling in the chest. People allergic to feathers will know what I am talking about; they become aware of their presence with the most gradual subtlety. In my case the cause that morning was the color of the wall with the sunrise on it, and when it became deeper I had to put down the baked yam I was chewing and support myself with my hands on the ground, for I felt the world sway under me and I would have reached, if I were on a horse, for the horn of the saddle. Some powerful magnificence, not human, in other words, seemed under me. And it was this same mild pink color, like the water of watermelon, that did it. At once I recognized the importance of this, as throughout my life I had known these moments when the dumb begins to speak, when I hear the voices of objects and colors; then the physical universe starts to wrinkle and change and heave and rise and smooth, so it seems that even the dogs have to lean against a tree, shivering.”

~Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King

7 Responses to “About me”

  1. frankgiglio Says:

    Just dropping by to say hello. I recently met you friends Katherine and George Sweeny who should me your site. Great work!! I like the fridge! Need a raw chef on you radio??
    Franky G

  2. […] the way, in addition to being a creative, fun and intelligent radio host, Mo is an awesome artist who does amazing things with old refrigerators and glitzy mosaic […]

  3. Oh shit, i have this huge crush on you but i am unable to tell you.
    do you have any advise? We have only met once but i really really like you. please, any advice would help.

    your sort of cecret admirer.

  4. You must be the stray cat living in my box of fake christmas tree in the hallway outside my back door. Listen, I am NOT giving you canned food but I _will_ give you extra catnip. Be right there…. (and stop hissing at me, I am the one that feeds you)

  5. Your energies are directed to either perfecting your techniques, skills, and abilities in work, or in “perfecting”, refining, and improving yourself as a person. Critical analysis and attention to minute detail are intrinsic in either process. The urge to bring about a state of wholeness or optimal functioning is a strong motivation of yours today. Whatever you do today will be done well.

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  6. Okay Mo, here’s a little odd thing for you to chew on, regarding the lovely Bellow quote above…and this is the absolute truth…that Bellow was a very close friend of my father’s and my father was terribly allergic to feathers, which Bellow thought was funny because my father’s parents were Indiana chicken farmers so he grew up with feathers everywhere he turned.
    Just a little weird factoid from your future radio guest!

  7. Jeanne~Marie D.H.K. Says:

    How many of you all are there out there traversing from the darkside of the moon to paradise and beyond? Was asleep for 2-3 years and so much has changed since then… a Benign Girl you tagged yourself, HARDLY SO and I have only been at the site for a minute or two LOL ;)

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