RANDOM EASTER STUFF: The eyes are the impermeable windows to the souls of Peeps

the Washington Post has a fabulous slideshow of peeps creations here, and I would love to post the winning image and some of the others but their code does not allow for right-click, save as. I get that; most people do not attribute that which they borrow from other sites. But I would have credited them. There is always a way around that, but I am in a rush to polish my bonnet and pick lint off my pastels for an easter brunch with my family, the biological one, the one that is nice to me. Someday I will start that book… but for now, Peeps are the bomb!

Peeps with daddy issues

To further illustrate my integrity, I lifted this image from Neatorama, and am linking to it with props.

Sushi Peeps Style

Evita, cast entirely by Peeps

These scientists tried to dissolve peeps, and documented their research — hilarious!

What's left of Peeps after a solubility test; the eyes cannot be thwarted, not even after bathing in acetone, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide

Also borrowed from Neatorama.com.

Chocolate-covered peeps; it was bound to happen.


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