Soaring, loopfully



gif for now… resulting post to come…

(yeah, lately all my posts are to come, but this time I am going to follow through… sometime in the next few days)

For now, some of my favorite words and phrases: random beneficial, sang-froid, nonchalant, fella, inadvertently, la-di-da, teapot, tempest, rue, lieu, wondrous, onomatopoeia, sushi, fabulosity, withershins, vermillion,  soar, Fleur-dilis, toast, zoo, superfluous, hootenanny, git ‘er done,  Mr. bubble, Mr. Sir,  surreal, conceptual, paradigm, zeitgeist, fluency, wizzle, effervescent, calm, pottle, dawdle, meander, peruse, oblivion, enigmatic, courage, ennui, caddywampus, diddly, ninjury, nuance, majuscle, mon amiee, monolith, morass, snazzy, pesky, rendezvous, roua, fandangle, finesse, bangalored, boondoggle, boom, bip, ancillary, egdesiast, endeaver, entreat, fanfaronade, fluff, effluvient, eek, leak, gaberlunzie, fancy, tango, touche.

One Response to “Soaring, loopfully”

  1. exhilarating.

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