My Battle with Groupon

UPDATE: So far 3 friends have emailed Groupon on my behalf (I will never forget you, ever EVER, you three”, so I now have been credited, but for the three who wrote in ONLY. Of the 7 or 8 who told me they signed up by clicking the now-infamous link.

The email that tipped it, went like this…

“Thank you for your reply [“Support” person at Groupon, who replied to the friend’s inquiry]. I am ccing the friend (that’s me) who referred me to Groupon. She has in fact contacted Groupon directly, but has still not had anything resolved.

I would ask that if you access her account and do not find such a referral having been processed, that you seriously consider that the link may not work effectively, or that it may be all too easy to get wrong, for those of us who are new to Groupon. I certainly believe that I clicked on the referral link, but since it was not processed, I do wonder if there is a way to miss a step, so as to not complete the referral.

Other than this situation, I have had a very satisfactory history with Groupon. You folks have a cool thing going, and I do hope you correct what clearly is a serious skip in your system.

Signed, [One of my pals, who emailed Groupon to try to make it right]

But oh, all the lost credits. I worked in the software industry in Boston for 5 years. A lot of coding snafus get past QA. They eventually get rectified, but sometimes only after one person or important client makes a huge fuss, rarely with apology, appeased customers, or even admission that anything was amiss at all, ever. I feel somewhat satisfied. But not. because when a friend got a Groupon email in her account (as described below) yet addressed to me, that, to me, seemed hard core proof that our accounts were electronically linked, and that yet I had not been credited. I forwarded that email proof to Groupon about a dozen emails back. It got me nowhere. Nowhere. It took the effort of three pals to email Groupon and fairly demand (their emails varied in wording) that I be credited, and that they ABSOLUTELY HAD clicked the link — from the email I sent them — to sign up.

So what does that tell me? I am not exactly seeing unicorns and rainbows. Groupon is a for-profit corporation after all.  I sorta wish i could take all the emails back, to be totally honest.


I almost never forward emails, as most of you know, but I had heard about this Groupon thing from someone who saw a thing about it on some morning show, so, back in December I signed up.

This has nothing to do with my plight. It's just a cool picture I took in Switzerland.

I then received a welcome letter saying “Welcome!” and all that, and I then signed in and saw this ”

Refer Friends and Get $10 Groupon Bucks!

Get $10 in Groupon Bucks when someone you invite gets their first Groupon. There’s no limit on how much you can earn!”

So I sent it to my list. the way it is supposed to work is that you click(ed) on the link in that email from me and like magic the code tells Groupon that i sent you and I get credited when you buy your first Groupon. But, as if I am cursed, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, so they say, and I never got credited for ANYONE signing up by doing that clickety-click. A lot of you have since told me that you signed up because of that referral, from me to you. But something crazy happened  – I have never been credited a single credit. Many of those people who signed up because of me have since bought many groupons, but, still not a single credit.

Remember this guy? He comes to mind lately.

I have been emailing support and they have come back with every manner of excuse and “reasoning” why I have not been credited. I signed up with my moringey email address but under the name Mo Gareau, which, as many of you know, is my new last name, though my emails got out as Mo (Ringey) Gareau.

I told a few of my friends that this had happened so they emailed groupon at saying, “I signed up via the email Mo Ringey Gareau  sent me and have since bought groupons and would like her to be credited”, but, still not a single credit.

I forget what this picture even is. But, if I get my credits, I promise to get back to writing funny posts again. Promise.

So one might think that maybe there was a programming error and that when they clicked through the link on the email I sent them, it did not take and was not logged as a referral from me. A plausible excuse, right? The software industry is the first industry I think of when I think of indutries in which there is no culpability and you can buy a product with glitches yet never get your money bac or get a replacement, yes?

BUT THEN, my friend Amy got a funny email from Groupon! She got an email sent to her email address, in her inbox, which said, “Mo Gareau, here is your daily deal for Springfield, MA”


I took this picture of the floor in my studio years ago. I like it!

So, I sent this email to Groupon and said, “Look! This is proof that I AM electronically linked, via code and all that, to at least one of the people who signed up for Groupon by clicking through the link in the email I sent out to 100 something people. See!?”

Still nada. By my estimation I am owed a few credits.

So, if you signed up because of the email I sent to you inviting you (and thus, endorsing) Groupon, please email groupon at with the following:

“Hi there! I signed up for Groupon by clicking through the link in the referral email Mo Ringey Gareau sent me so, in all fairness, I woudl love it if you would credit her account under moringey[at]gmail[dot]com, as she is my pal and she sent me and I clicked your possibly faulty link.”

My pal, Sandra Day O'Connor

My pal, Sandra Day O'Connor

Thanks. Yes, I am on my soapbox for the first time in years. I have been emailing back and forth with the non-eponymously-named “Support” people for weeks. I am not getting anywhere. It’s not me, it’s them. All I want is my credits. Is that so much to ask?

I love flowers. And, honesty. And don't love unfair and deceptive practices. That's a real legal term.

I figure if I never get the credits, I will start posting some of the hilarious (on my end) email exchanges, along with the non-hilarious replies, from “support”. Don’t worry, they won’t get you if you reiterate that you signed up because of the email I sent you. After all, all publicity is supposedly good publicity, yes?

And hey, if you haven’t yet signed up and yet plan to, try putting my name and email address in — I bet I still don’t get credited. Like sands through the hourglass, so go the days of my life. I am calling my pal Sandra Day O’Connor. ;-)

3 Responses to “My Battle with Groupon”

  1. Done! I’ll let you know if I hear back.

  2. Thanks M! if everyone I referred meant a credit in my account, I’d have a lot of credits. but the credit i REALLY want is the credit for being honest. They are treating me like I am making this up. So I wrote “WHO in their right mind would email back and forth with you for weeks over a few measly credits? It’s the principle. And now that we are to be pen pals for life, I have attached a picture of my cat Cecil, who (whom?) I rescued from homelessness. I like bunnies and unicorns and don’t like walnuts, dishonesty or winter. I will write to you tomorrow and tell you about the time I battled my boss for 2 months to get a water cooler, as we were all running out several times each day to get cold water at the nearby market, thus wasting precious 100$ and up per hour of billable time.”

    and i did, the next email included that anecdote and the promise of more to come, as we were clearly now meant to be pen pals for life, since they refused to credit me. ;-) At least i had fun with it.

  3. I have been through the same problem with the groupon credits. Called them and had it straightened out on the two that I KNOW signed up under me…but who knows how many of my friends followed my link on fb to sign up….who knows how many credits I went unrewarded…

    My suggestion to Gary today at Groupon, which he said he would record and pass on was this:

    Rather than following a link to sign up under someone, include a drop-down box on the registration form that asks how you heard about groupon…this could have selections such as “Television, internet, etc”…but one of them should say referral…if you select referral, you then get a box to enter the EMAIL of the person who referred you…since Groupon keeps track of everyone by email, it would automatically credit the referrer….and, although I am not a developer, it would seem to me, it would be easy for software to automatically create a note in both the user account and your account that “referee account member email” was referred by “your email” on xxxx date….

    Just a suggestion seeing how I am not the only one who seems to have had problems with the crediting of account referrals

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