Cecil and the toilet

I love when he sits like that.

So today I came home and Cecil immediately ran into the bathroom and started howling. I ran to see if he was locked in, and, forgot the camera! Cecil was sitting on the actual toilet seat looking down past his tummy at the water and howling at it to flush. So I ran and got the camera but he had jumped down. He did however pull a new stunt… (the story of Cecil, after the video)

Cecil does not like that mannequin chick, not one bit. he tells her exactly how he feels and it's LOUD.

Cecil has been a stray all his life. He lived in my biological mother’s back yard in a room at the Inn, at what I call “Kittywood”. She made a house for the strays with a little bedroom for each cat, heated by a light bulb and with heavy plastic strips for doors. he was a tough guy and looked like that alley cat tough guy in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. I was afraid of him and he would swipe at me when I walked out onto the back deck, often getting tangled in my socks.

More Cecil pics:


Then he was caught and fixed, which is why one ear is notched — and he became a nice guy and learned to love attention. he smiles all the time now so he doesn’t still look like that mean cartoon cat.  ;-)

The Cat Rescue Project snips an ear so others will know the cat has been fixed. Cecil got in a lot of fights. I think he was overcompensating.

Eventually, he SO overcompensated that he started chasing dogs in the neighborhood and picking fights with them. That’s when they knew they had to find a home for him.

Cecil eats from a little dish with monkies on it. I am not sure if he notices.

When I’d visit he’d come running like a dog and, flattered by that, I decided to take him in. He came with his little comforter and some food, tied in bandanna and hung from the end of a stick. He adjusted very quickly.

Cecil examines the Narcissus in the Narcissusarium.

The first night he followed me around and inevitably slept on my bed and that was his first time sleeping inside. For the next few days every time I walked in the direction of my room, he’d run past me and slide to a stop, and then run and jump on the bed and howl for me to go to bed so he could do this new snuggling thing.

Cecil gets ready for bed.

For the first few weeks he waited for me to wake up, staring at me intently, and only then would he start his campaign for breakfast. Not any more. I get head-butted starting with the sunrise. I have to close the shades to try to fool him, but he is very smart so he doesn’t fall for it.  And does he ever have a lot to say about everything, especially the toilet flushing!

Cecil looks good against the red backdrop. he sorta knows it, too.

The vet says he is maybe 2-3 years old. He knows a few words and still runs like a dog to greet me.

When I am lying down watching Tv Cecil sits on my stomach and stares at me.

I want to build him a little stand for his food and water and set it like a table. That would be cute. I would also make him a place-card with his name in calligraphy.

Cecil explores his new home on Day 1.

He sits on my lap when I type and sometimes rests his head on the keyboard, which is not conducive to coherent emails.

If I lie down with my arms out when watching tv, Cecil will wrap himself around one of them.

When I play his videos he jumps on the desk and inspects the speakers. I always miss when he runs around like mad pretending someone is chasing him. One day I will get him. I have to remember to bring my camera everywhere I go, especially to the bathroom. Sometimes he jumps in the tub, but he hasn’t done that when I am in it with bubbles.

Cecil smiles a lot. Sometimes he grins. And he is always talkin'

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  1. Cecil is such an adorable cat! And he is in love with the toilet!

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