Scaramouche Jones

Scaramouche Jones
by Justin Butcher
directed by Jeannine Haas
starring Rylan Morsbach

Radio Show MP3 (partial; the last 30 minutes only – due to technical difficulties) is here.


Three Sisters Sanctuary
188A Cape Street (Route 112)
Goshen, MA
for directions: http://threesisterssanctuary/

Over the past two years artist Richard Richardson has slowly but surely sculpted his stone amphitheater nestled amidst his other smaller stone gardens.

Pauline Productions is proud to host the inaugural theatre event at this beautiful new outdoor amphitheater at the Three Sisters Sanctuary.

By Popular Demand!!! Three shows added!!!
Thursday – Saturday, August 5 – 7 at 7 p.m.
Rain Date Sunday, August 8 at 7 p.m.

In case of hurricanes or severe thunder/lightning storms we will cancel. Call (413) 268-3850 one hour before show for cancellation information.
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED due to limited seating

Adults $20
Seniors/Students $18

Reserve your tickets now by calling 413.268.3850
or emailing contactus[at]

TELL US the date of show, number of tickets AND type desired (adult, senior, student)




4 Responses to “Scaramouche Jones”

  1. Quite scary pictures you have there. Like it’s taken from a horror movie (a good one).

    If at some point at mylife I’ll pass the area – I won’t miss that show at any rate.

  2. Enjoyed the Mo Show this morning (set my alarm so as to not chance forgetting)! I hope to catch the show ;-) and thanks as always for sharing your adventure with us all ♥ T

  3. Lee Miller Says:

    Justin Butcher’s writing, Rylan Morsbach’s incomparable performance, and Jeannine Haas’ directing of Scaramouce Jones blew me away. For 90 straight minutes there wasn’t a shifting or a cough in the audience. I never drifted away once. This is the most satisfying theater I’ve attended in a long time. If I had been on Broadway and paid $120 for a ticket I would have left happy and fulfilled. I’m just sorry I caught the last performance at Three Sisters Sanctuary because I would have gone again…and again. Thank you Pauline Productions.

  4. Lee,

    thank you for your comment! I too loved it so much that I went back and caught last night’s performance and I must say, I almost enjoyed it more the second time. A truly tremendous performance, especially as the night was cool and made it all the more delightful to bundle up and make great use of my pillow on the grass. :-)


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