Restaurants owned by people and not corporations have something I love: The Joy of Casita Azteca

The Front of La Casita Azteca as seen from Cottage Street

People will complain about jobs being farmed out to India or being replaced by machines, the corporate white-collar crime stats, the overuse of fossil fuels, shipping costs, and etc; and will advocate buying locally and this or that, but then will go to chain restaurants, not keeping in mind that for starters you are getting mass-produced meals assembled by ‘chefs’ who follow corporate mandates to reduce the number of mushrooms on your pizza- which are shipped across the country in 18-wheelers – so as to increase the national or worldwide profit margin by another million(s), which will ultimately go toward corporate salaries and private jets. Essentially your meals are prepared fiscally by suits in big offices with expense accounts bigger than our annual incomes and who jet about checking on said numbers of mushrooms on said pizzas, at chains around the country.

And, as seen from the side parking lot, once one drives through the parking lot between De Grandpre Jewelers and the Sunrise Bakery

Yet there still exist, somehow, real restaurants with real food prepared on the premises, with care, often with locally-grown ingredients, and which are owned and operated by people like you an me (except that they have restaurants, so there’s that), and so I try to stick to such places, for enjoying a lovely meal, and spending my real, organic dollars on such choices. No franchises, chains, fast food, restaurants owned by a “Management Group” or the like.

And, for Cinco d Mayo, Casita Azteca is having a celebration in their lovely front garden with the pretty lights, colorful flags, flowers and vines, with live music and fun! So maybe give it a try? It’s conveniently located on Cottage Street (Route 141)  in Easthampton, next to De Grandpre Jewelers, across the street from The Brass Cat, and has free parking out back.  Affordable, delightful, delicious, musical outdoor fun!

Would it not be lovely if we all patronized local establishments when possible and thus supported mere fellow human beings trying to make a living like ourselves? before the entire world becomes one large corporation.

Excellent food, amazing atmosphere, happy times, at Casita Azteca. Always.

One Response to “Restaurants owned by people and not corporations have something I love: The Joy of Casita Azteca”

  1. Chili Relleno for everyone!

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