Pictures from where I am at, Geneva!

This post will be a work in progress for some time, as I find that it is difficult to capture enough time to myself to write. More soon…

Ah, to be blessed with a free trip to Geneva. After anticipating this trip for many weeks, it arrived, as things do, and next thing I know it is 15 minutes before my friends arrive to take me to the airport which means it is time to pack.

We saw the most moving work and read painfully beautiful bios of the artists here, many of whome suffered terribly debilitating mental illness and hardship and were shunned, yet now they are celebrated at this beautiful musee

I had not much information about my friend with whom I am staying, besides a few images and yearss of correspondence which began when she first wrote to me years ago to say she liked my work and that if i am ever in Geneva, I should visit her.

Over the yreas this runed into antics such as me photoshopping the two of us into pictures of Switzerland, thanks to google images and, having laughed together at starring in a picture together in the alps, we became friends.

Many invitations later, to which I replied that I was saving my pennies, I – and may other artist friends of Claudia’s around europe – received an evite to come to her house for a 3 day Easter celebration in honor of a visiting artist, for everyone to meet, named… Mo!

And so of course I had no choice but to accept. This was followed by the offer of using frequent flier miles to cover the flight and so of course there was no reason to decline this invitation and I began searching for flights.

the kitchen window, this morning during coffee

I arrived after an overnight flight, weary and in pain (due to a degenerative spinal disorder for which I wear a brace and use a traction machine, many medications, and for which I have endured years (since 1995) of expensive experimental treatments at the Chronic Pain Clinic at Beth Israel Hospital, such as spinal epidural steroid injections and so on, and on, and on) to be greeted by this very special person in a very special place.

Tapas and wine for lunch in downtown geneva, near the lake. evrything is near the lake.

It is hard to imagine at times that I am here and that this land is mostly unfetterd by vinyl siding and strip malls, leaving much od the origfinakl architecture to beh

Looking at the Alps, from the prex-Alps, and through a mbudding Magnolia tree and a beautiful gnarly tree)

old and enjoy.

My office

Claudia's second floor porch at night

The second floor porch at night

The secod floor living room, la sala

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