Homemade Organic Baileys’ Irish Cream

Ed note:- I started this post a while ago – en route to a party –  but then I got lost.

It’s that time. And with a few hours to spare, I am finished. I have just finished making a huge batch of homemade Baileys Irish Cream (the registered trademark omits the apostrophe. <–fun fact!) for a party this evening. I love Baileys (“The Orchard Centre at the Hayden Farm in south County Wicklow has been the dedicated visitor farm and the spiritual home of Bailey’s Irish Cream since 2002. With a pedigree herd of 140 cows producing over 1 million litres of milk for Baileys annually. The Orchard Centre, with capacity for group up to 350 people, also caters for special events, incentives, conferences and the ultimate Baileys Experience”.) but wanted to make a more organic version.

Anyway, I surfed for recipes and found that a lot of them used Hersheys’ Chocolate syrup (loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup, which stimulates the hypothalamus to amplify the feeling of hunger, meaning that the more you eat, the more it can never be enough) so I modified the one that looked easiest in an attempt to create an almost completely organic Irish Cream, which I call Mosely’s Irish Cream because Mo is short for Mosely. And Mosely Josely, according to my father.

It wasn’t easy. And, of course, fraught with speed bumps and minor calamities (Mosely is short for Calamity Jane). I melted a bar of Scharffen Berger unsweetened 99% cacoa bean dark chocolate in a double broiler (which seems sorta like a double-wide, but a vertical one, with the top floor being removable), stirring constantly while adding organic heavy whipping cream. Otherwise the chocolate clumps up and I would just put it in my blender but I didn’t think I had one, so I stirred and stirred.

Then I poured it in a huge bowl and added organic unsweetened condensed milk (hard to find, actually)  and pure organic vanilla bean. More stirring. I then added eggs (Is this sorta like Egg Nog? Maybe I’ll try that next) and organic unbleached sugar (seriously? we bleach sugar? simply to… what? change the color?) and glugged in a whole lot of whiskey. And it is amazing! But, it was still lumpy so – still thinking I didn’t have a blender – I used innovation and used my brand-new, never-used electric toothbrush as an electric whisk! I was really proud. Of myself. But it didn’t much help the lumps. My wrist was sore from whisking and stirring and the electric toothbrush alleviated that, but fell short of my lofty expectations. But then I remembered that I have an Aerolatte! But the Aerolatte is like an electric whisk for Barbie-size projects so that was getting nowhere, slowly.

Only then did I realize that among my recent gifts was a Nuwave Twister Blender, which is more like a set of Blenderettes because it has two smallish compartmental  thingies for blending. Anyway, it’s all finished and chilling and is just amazing! So I thought I would share the recipe. As for measurements, wing it. I never write them down because I guess it makes it unfun and I have to focus on what I am doing or I will have another calamitous trip to the ER and my insurance only covers part of those, as I have found out. Trust your palate. Oh, and add organic almond extract. Measure, taste, rinse and repeat.

One Response to “Homemade Organic Baileys’ Irish Cream”

  1. You mustn’t call it a re-cipe when it is the first time you attempt it.

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