Kittens and tales and random updates

bunny bag 2I typically don’t like to ever begin a blog post with the old, “Gosh, I haven’t written in so long…”, so I’ll not do so. Nope.

But it has been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been medical appointments every week and sometimes up to one or more per day, for days on end. I am now seeing my old neurosurgeon in Boston from the days of the beginning of this ordeal, back in 1995. That’s a haul. I need a vacation from appointments, and from my crumbling spine. Oh, and from general insanity all around. I keep hearing, “Gosh, the whole world is stressed out and crazy!”. Yep. More fodder for the eventual book and too exciting to possibly get away with posting here, except perhaps in the form of “installments from a ‘friend’s’ upcoming novel”. ;-)

Lately I have been transient as it is high season for house sitting and pet sitting. I have had one gig after another and it is rather enjoyable to be away from my regular place and to have new pets every week. Like the kittens I am caring for now. Gosh. That’s all I can say.

bunny fierceI am also looking to move as winter is coming and after last winters’ heating debacle – 16 days with no heat, and 5 of them with no electric, meaning we could not even run space heaters and had to work elsewhere – I don’t much expect more of the same. It occurs to me that someone should buy a building and build reasonable live/work spaces – truly reasonable and not at the fancy prices that are out there now – one would have a full building in months with a waiting list pages long. Time to win the lottery. Yet I have no desire to be a landlord. Is it landlordism that makes people crazy? Or do crazy people become landlords? Chickens and eggs, that is the parallel question.

In the meantime are kittens and cats and gosh, it is such sweet sorrow parting from each place. It seems good housesitters are hard to find, so they say, and I hear many stories of snoopers and the like. And so I am in demand. Everyone should have a talent. :-)

whitey guyThis has been a boring post, by way of getting back in the habit. Soon I will update about the stray cat and the ensuing drama. I am just getting my feet wet again here and getting back in the habit. Meanwhile I bring you todays’ kittens, as shot by my cell phone.

And throwing it out there that I am looking for new space. I have never been late on my rent here, in the past 3 plus years, and my habits and hobbies are of the quiet sort. Gone are the days of parties and loud music while I work. I wonder if I am growing up.

Thanks to everyone who has been nudging me. I promise to get back in the habit. You all are so sweet.

4 Responses to “Kittens and tales and random updates”

  1. Nice to have you back. I’ve been missing hearing from you. Hope you’re felling better, and what great company you’ve been keeping.

  2. Glad you are back! I love the idea of having different pets to love each week. Hilarious middle picture, by the way. I am sorry to hear you have been schlepping it to doctors, but I’m glad to hear you will be settling in Easthampton — good, good. MORE FELINE PICTURES — why are pictures of animals always good?

  3. Hi Mo, just been strolling through my links page to see whether sites are still alive….good to see your work & read your news….am more than a bit out of touch with blogworlds…do I have to log on to your website to read it ir/regularly, or does your computer let mine know when you’ve written something?


  4. oh duh, seen the box to tick…..

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