Benigngirl does not comply

According to an article at Total Recall Info, Benigngirl has been ordered for removal by the authorities

June 5—Benign Girl recalls more Toy TELEPHONE SETS—Greece

benigngirl_origManufacturer: See Below
Product: Kids Toys

Start Date: 2009-06-05  End Date: 2009-07-05

Product: Toy telephones – Super telephone

Brand: Benign girl

Type/number of model: Code No. 143-333

Description: A toy telephone set, comprised of a pink and white flip-top mobile telephone and a pink and white cordless telephone. The toy is operated by 3 button batteries of 1.5 V. The set is packed in a blister on cardboard bearing a picture of two dolls (girls), the CE mark and warnings.

Country of origin: China

Damage to hearing

The product poses a risk of damage to hearing because the weighted emission of acoustic pressure is 119.7 dB which exceeds the maximum permitted value of 80 dB.

The product does not comply with the Toys Directive and with the relevant European standard EN 71.

Withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities.

One Response to “Benigngirl does not comply”

  1. How disconcerting! To be recalled like that…though not very benign to one’s hearing, apparently.

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