Advice Columnism for hacks

Dear Mo-ie Dearest, I am just short of cutting off my ear for love, signed, ~>

”]Wine Glass with reservoir: Two together might make a heart shape - making this image relevant to this post - and might help rekindle the love. Dear ~>,
Hmm. Maybe something less van Gogh-ian would be better and more au courant, révolutionnaire? Perhaps cutting off some split ends for love? And weaving them into a love wreath to be framed and hung on the wall, or used as a dangerously flammable lampshade (for the danger and drama of it)? Perhaps add in some strands from ripped jeans.

Hell, make a garland and wear it around your neck like a giant neck corsage. Better yet, make the whole pile into a garland and then immortalize it in a colorful jello mold and sell it to MOMA for a million dollars, become instantly rich and famous and take a year off to travel the world staying in villas, chateaus and yurts, and rekindle the love.

Yes, that is the best plan my friend. Start weaving; figuratively and literally. I have all the best ideas. ;-)

Your pal, Mo-ie Dearest

One Response to “Advice Columnism for hacks”

  1. Chip Cameron Says:

    Laura Ringey is this you? Was doing that tangent web surfing thing this morning and bounced from the LHS class of 80 website to thinking of your brother Matt, googling his name and landing here.

    If you’re not Laura, then my apologies for the error and intrusion, but my compliments on your blog; well written, funny and entertaining.

    If you are Laura and have no interest in reliving your days in “the geadow”; once again, my apologies and compliments.

    On the slight chance neither of the above apply, I hope you are as well as the blog infers. In ’94 I bought a house in “the geadow” on Field Rd. My wife and I are still here and we throw great parties – or so I’m told. Drop me a line or find me on facebook (search for James Cameron or Cameron Tequilafest) and I’ll put you in the invites. Would love to see you some time and catch up.


    Chip Cameron

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