My stray cat has a friend!

UPDATE: Check out my new live cat cam! I set it in her cage when she was not looking…

UPDATE II: She’s a boy!

The stray cat saga continues. And now Cholla has a friend, who she is sponsoring, care of my friend Maureen.

Parker, Cholla's new pal

Parker, Cholla's new pal

Parker seems to have a lot in common with Cholla as you will see by his bio. They can be buddies in rescue.

About Parker…Free from all the noise!

Can you imagine living at an industrial site? Parker was part of a feral cat colony at a Boeing site in California for the first year or so of his life. Then they tore the plant down, so Parker came to Best Friends for safety.

What a different home he has now! Cozy beds and plentiful food instead of noise and scary machines. He is extremely agile, and friendly with the other cats in his room. Parker hasn’t gotten over his shyness with strangers, but he’s grown calmer with his caregivers and appreciates his comfortable life at the sanctuary. But he’s growing jealous of other cats who have sponsors, and would like someone to take an interest in him, too! Won’t you sponsor a handsome orange and white kitty?

Next Stray Cat Update…

Caged cat cam…

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