Who do we see about Pink Flamingos and Homelessness?

divine21Everyone is broke. Of course they are, the economy is terrible. I had to sell my imaginary yacht and stop taking imaginary private jet trips to Paris and to the Scientology Center In Florida for higher learning classes. Gone, gone, GONE, I tell you,  is the  imaginary nose job and spa treatment in Switzerland. Even my daily imaginary sushi is a distant imaginary memory. I have tightened my belt. No more imagination; no mo’ Chanel logos painted on every fingernail, no mo’ designer clothes to wear to the studio, no mo’ cleaning person or butler. Who do I see about that?

barn21When John Waters came to Northampton a few years back and did a stand up thing at The Academy of Music, he said that a man had once approached him saying, “My family saw “Hairspray” and we loved it. Then we rented “Pink Flamingos” and were totally disgusted. Who do I see about that?” and JW replied, “Well, I saw “Witness” and was completely offended by the barn-raising scene. Who do I see about that?”

And speaking of things we don’t like to look at, (like what Divine is doing in that still from Pink Flamingos), who do we see about homelessness?

Sadly, social services get cut faster than luxuries and times get tough; tougher for some than most of us will ever know. With this weather the homeless feel those cuts too, as shelters and services run low on funds. This morning at Michaelannland was posted a bit about wanting to collect gloves for the homeless. So I cleaned out my closet, and got my neighbor JR, who(m?) I was about to take to the supermarket, to clean out his as well. I then raided the free pile we had set up in the lobby of our building and filled the car and drove to Arise for Social Justice, which Michaellann Bewsee co-founded, and dropped off a bunch of stuff.

They told us that they go out (in this weather!) and find people to give the clothing to. This is what is known as outreach and in this weather that’s truly above-honorable. They go find families temporarily living in Motels (which reminds me of people who say, “My idea of camping is to go to a motel”) and give them clothing and offer to help them find services.

And check out Michaelann’s hilarious post about the epic poem, “Make the Pie Higher”, underneath the post about gloves for the homeless. It makes the trip all the more worth the clickety-click.

One Response to “Who do we see about Pink Flamingos and Homelessness?”

  1. Sorry I missed meeting you today and thanks so much for your warm items for homeless people. (I actually have another job and my boss called!) Lamont said that people were incredibly grateful and everything was gone in a flash.

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