People Got a Lotta Nerve

Ms. Martha

Ms. Martha

Meet Ms. Martha. She is my new dog. I got her for a holiday gift from my friend Maureen in Salem. We’ve not yet met, but Ms. M and I have bonded psychically. We talk about philosophy and aged gouda, snips and snails and sushi caterpillar rolls, oh!, how we luagh. Ms. Martha does a really adorable trick which I call the Step, kick, twirl, curtsy. Ms. Martha is smart and coordinated.She likes bedtime stories and pedicures, but does not like parades.


Neko Case, with her very cool name and some very cute dogs.

Ms. Martha lives at Best Friends (.org) in Utah and I am going to send her a care package with toys, and treats, and a cat to chase. I am her sponsor, thanks to Maureen.

So this places me on their mailing list and today I got one about how Neko Case will make a donation to BFs for every blog that posts her new song, People Got a Lotta Nerve. So here it is–>people_got_a_lotta_nerve

Of course the last time I offered up songs for free here and here it was a non-rousing success which I don’t get because I am always into free songs to download from safe places but.. whatever.

Some of the dogs up for adoption were rescued from that nasty, nasty man, Michael Vick, who I vaguely recall that I once compared to that irresponsible mining guy and Paris Hilton.  <–Clearly I don’t get a lot of things. It’s a way of life. Or maybe it’s a life choice.

Ms. Martha said the day that Neko came to visit BFs in Utah she was very nice and smelled good.  That could mean she had just rolled in roadkill or had just showered, because with Ms. Martha you just don’t know.

Speaking of animals, the stray cat that lives in the hallway outside my door is no longer an orange blur; now I sometimes get to view her and we talk. She knows there is a male cat across the hall and she sits on the welcome mat (taking it literally I think) and cries for him. His name, according to me, is Poopie Jones. He is flattered. At this rate, in another 6 months I might get to pet her. And I still brave this painful weather to trudge out to the garden every morning to put out food in my makeshift feeding stations for the 5 strays in the garden and the Opossum. but Opossum dude needs to go on a diet because his caboose is about to derail the whole train, hence the capital O. Just an update.

3 Responses to “People Got a Lotta Nerve”

  1. The cat is at your door not for the man but for your mice!

  2. Wolfenbach Says:

    Ewowww, me and Pooopie Jooooones…we got a thinnggg going on.

  3. Opposums and cats! We got um! They like the cat food, and when they fall apart, they have lots and lots of babies!
    Off to wildlife rescue again this summer!

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