For Evaluation Purposes Only


I was at a loss as to what to get you all for a Holiday/Good Luck/Happy New Year gift so, I looked around and decided on a goodie bag of recipes and music because I have that stuff around and can share it here. If you like the music I will regularly rotate in new music. I have a lot of Ottmar Liebert and Barry White which is just love to hear.  XoXo

Ok, this one was finished by the testers and is waiting to be made into a new batch but you can get the picture. And of course I had to pose it in front of a new piece I made.

Ok, this one was finished by the testers and is waiting to be made into a new batch but you can get the picture. And of course I had to pose it in front of a new piece I made.

I have been concocting my own pear liqueur which I call Pear MOscato. Simple. Buy Moscato. Buy Bartlet pears. Sliver them up and put in bottles of Moscato. Leave at room temp for a week, shaking once a day, and then refrigerate. Then you have a pearishly delicious, sweet dessert wine with no high fructose corn syrup! Seriously, have you looked at the labels on bottles of liqueurs in stores? Even Bailey’s Irish Cream has HFCS. And all those flavored vodkas? Fake flavor, HFCS.

My Pear Moscato is organic. And this is not an endorsement to drink alcohol, these recipes are FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. I’ve had my days; now I am mostly a one glass of wine a month gal, as alcohol wreaks havoc with my neuropathic meds (neuropathy is different then neurotic-y). So that one glass has to be good.

These two are fermenting. yes, ugly labels. Sigh.

These two are fermenting. Yes, ugly labels. Heavy, dramatic sigh.

I made a pear chocolate cake the other day in my Easy Bake Oven. Actually it’s a toaster oven but still, it has about the same technology as did my Kenner Easy Bake Oven which I LOVED.

My grandfather would eat all my concoctions from that little pink oven. Even the vanilla cinnamon cake I made once; he ate the whole thing without flinching and only later did we realize that, since I could not yet read, I had taken the thing from the cabinet which most resembled cinnamon and sprinkled it all over the top which was, in fact, paprika. Evidently I was still learning my colors.

My Kenner Easy Bake Oven. Wow, is all I can say.

Me, Cooking, ca 2008. No, really---My Kenner Easy Bake Oven. Wow, is all I can say.

Anyway, for my cake that I made  (for a friend’s birthday) I had to cook all the layers separately in a rectangular pan, and then caramelize the pear slices, and then build the whole thing and soak it with my homemade Pear Moscato (Liquors 44 was out of pear liqueur and I only do one errand stop per day; Agoraphobia is the mother of invention) and top it with creme fraiche. That little Easy Bake oven worked for hours! This is my version of a rum cake, or maybe a variant of that Harvey Wallbanger Cake that was so popular at my parents’ parties in the 60s. This is hereby called a Moey Pearbanger Cake.


This is one I made with twigs and berries from the garden. In this pic I have not yet removed the vessel.

Another fun thing that I learned from a friend is to freeze a bottle of vodka into a container to bring to parties and make a lovely splash and also provide the conversation piece/centerpiece/perfect chilled-ness. I loved the one she made with flowers frozen into it so I made a few, but I had no flowers. You just put the bottle in a container, add miscellany, freeze deeply and itallically, and then after a minute or two at room temp the container will slide off and you can set the little ice sculpture/decanter in a dish and pour and drink, and repeat.

Your hands will get chilly though, gloves might be needed for pouring.


The Burn Barrel Version Vodka Container Fabulaire.

Then I decided to make the back alley version of this fabulosity, and so I put a bottle in a brown paper bag, crunkled up the bag around the neck of the bottle, and put the whole thing in a bucket with water inside and outside the bag. I thought it rather clever, especially for around a bonfire or burn barrel.

And then, digging around in the digital goodie bag I made for you, I chose 5 random songs FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. Of course you can right click, ‘save as’, and step, twirl, all FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY, so as to evaluate in the privacy of your home. And for a limited time only because I can only afford to lease so much extra GBs for this blog. Act Now! These Mp3s might be deleted later.

One of my most brilliant photoshop moments ever. I am so in trouble for this.

One of my most brilliant photoshop moments ever. I am so in trouble for dredging this up again.

I grew up on Herb Alpert, which I listened to in my little girl scout apron while Julia Child-ing with my Kenner Easy Bake Oven so I sorta love him.
-Herb Alpert – Green Peppers

I also grew up on Barry White, but that was later. This is my car’s favorite song. My dashboard lights up purple, to go with this song. Barry White, Love’s Theme

Oh and knowtoryous-bomberclaad-joint-kd-session. Every fucking car trip as kids we’d beg to sing “You Are My Sunshine” or some such thing but nooooo… we’d be all driving down the road singing along with Knowtorious, singing, “bOomberclaaaaaad, Boomberclaaaad, blah-di-blah-di-blah, di blah … Bomberclaaaad…” because no one really knows the lyrics to that.

Ditto Dj Cesar… Blu Mambo/DJ Cesar – Big Nowhere

And lastly, Henri Salvador, who was the silly little French guy always hanging around the kitchen, singing fruity little love songs while I baked. We never knew a thing he was saying.

Enjoy! May the breadcrumbs you leave behind as you traipse about in the new year be little bits of pleasantries, spread everywhere you go.

One Response to “For Evaluation Purposes Only”

  1. Man Falls Off Wire Says:

    As long as you’re kooking and repearing the world, please save a slice of the Pearbanger for me and then we could have a nice conversation which, like all conversations, is FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY and ultimately to be added to book: “The Necessity of Onanism For Conscious Evolution”… Another great blog from Mo! Much appreciated! xoxox

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