Learn to Duck: Mobile Igloos and Manolo Blahniks

Now here’s a topic that gets heated on the comments section of related articles… I even found a google discussion group called, “FU people who don’t clean the snow from their cars”. And now, a collection of comments from around that interwebby thing:

–“Well, damnit, it is hard to climb up high enough in my Manolo Blahniks to reach the roof of my 2009 Colossus SUV and sweep all that icky snow off and it gets all over me and I might have to change my outfit but I can’t because I have to pick up Trip at lacrosse practice and take Princess to her play date and my frikkin’ cell phone is ringing and I just don’t have time, so it will just have to blow off while I am driving 50 MPH in that school zone and catching up on my calls and text messages.”

LOL! in New England, these are referred to as “mobile igloos.”

Use a broom. You actually have to work at it. But it can be done. You’ll get covered with snow. But you won’t melt.

My brother was killed by a chunk of ice that came from the top of a car.

–Many rules pertaining to driving an automobile can be described as “common” sense issues. Common sense is a myth.

–and, by the way, legislating “common sense” to avoid harm to others is fine by me.

–I’m going to put that on my ‘to do’ list for this summer.

–Oh, the people who don’t clean their cars off drive me crazy. Ticketing them would be awesome, except, this law has the exact same problem the one about putting on your headlights in the rain has — cops don’t get out of their cars in lousy weather.

–Dang, I thought this was already the law! So I’ve been cleaning the top of my car for nuthin’ all these years!?

–Love it! Pass it now! Nothing like having a huge chunk of ice hit your car when you’re rolling down the highway.

–Having been hit in the head by ice flying off a car right here in Montclair (requiring 3 stitches). I not only support this law, I’d like to “nominate” some candidates for its enforcement.

–Then there are the idiots who clear off one tiny spot on their windshield and think it’s enough to get on the road. What, you won’t hit what you can’t see?

–its funny how much of a reactive state this is. It take an accident to happen with possible injuries before police take action. Make me laugh. This has been a law on the books for years and every winter season people need to be reminded of these laws.

Its about time that the legislature enact a law against inconsiderate motorists both auto and truckers who are too busy, lazy or just don’t give a hoot about other motorists that might be in danger from falling snow/ice from their vehicles. There is no excuse for not removing same after a storm. The many advances in the trucking and auto industry as to creature comforts for larger vehicles should allow the makers of these vehicles to design devices to remove dangerous ice buildups on the tops of trucks and SUVs. As for autos it takes little effort to remove snow from the roofs of these cars.

It was my “privilege” to have gotten a huge chunk of ice from the top of a truck through the windshield of my car on I-84 a few years ago. It hit the passenger side, went through the windshield, and into the seat..way into the seat. Had someone been sitting there, they could have been killed.

–Considering that most drivers that are hit by flying ice and snow are never able to get license plate of the truck or car that launched those flying missles, that “property damage claim” goes against the driver that was hit. It’s considered the same as a hit and run so yes, your insurance covers you, but your premiums go up, if your insurance isn’t later cancelled depending upon the amount of the damage claim.

–This law is long overdue. The states around us have had it. It’s not a cure-all for the problem, but it is at least a good start.

–if I am a primordial dwarf, am I exempt?

–I’m not going to risk denting my car to attempt to remove ice that won’t come off for anything short of an earthquake. I don’t have time to waste for this stupidity. I do what I can, and if it doesn’t get it all, too bad. Learn to duck.

–How bout we drag your pompous azz out of your car and use your face to wipe the snow off..tuffguy. You will cry like the whiny biotch you are.

One Response to “Learn to Duck: Mobile Igloos and Manolo Blahniks”

  1. I know lazy a person who I’m not going to name, let’s just cal him Idiot, who scrapes a small porthole to view his way down the road. He then heads to the nearest automatic car wash to have his snow problem washed away, and waxed.

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