The Stop The Pike Hike organizers are politely asked to cease their “Boston Toll Party”

Tea Party

Tea Party

It takes 2 minutes to sign this petition. please sign it.

So the mayor asked the guys to stop their one-day boycott of the pike boycott because of it’s potential negative impact on certain geo- and demographics. But he does support their protest against the toll doublings.

I am confused as to why people don’t sign petitions more often than they do. Do we actually support the doubling of the tolls on a road that was built on a promise that it would collect tolls no longer than that day on which it would be paid for, and yet was then perpetuated to support the salaries in place?

I bet a lot of us go to Boston once in a while and will then be upset at what it costs to get through the tolls. Of course we can always set aside an extra 45 minutes and take RT 2. Or, we can take Rt 9 all the way in and allow another so many extra minutes for all the traffic and lights. The one day boycott was not random and without consideration for those it would affect – it was about demonstrating exactly what will happen if the increases do go into effect. People will take another route around. And given the current economic situation, it seems a funny time to overburden the commoners. You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.

The Boston Tea Party opposed being under taxation by King George III to exert greater control over the colonies and pay for his government’s costly French and Indian wars. The current toll increases are an attempt to pay for the costly Big Dig.

The one day boycott could be called The Boston Toll Party and the tollbooths could be dumped in the Charles River.

The Big Dig costs spiraled out of control as greedy people fudged their books and collected giant salaries for those at the top. Sounds like…

BUT, WHY SO FEW SIGNATURES? Is it a matter of well, we don’t live in that part of the state so it doesn’t affect us? There is that divide actually and I have lived on both sides of it. There was a Boston TV anchor who once, years ago, when talking about a huge snowstorm out here said, “Where the heck is ____ (whatever town it was) and then got so many angry calls he was forced to apologize on air. Yeah, that was not right. In Boston I’d respond to the “where are you from?” questions with, “Western Mass” and then get, “Oh, Worcester? I’d then have to explain that Worcester is just left of the midpoint, as evidenced by a glance at a map.

But I hope that everyone will support the STOP THE PIKE HIKE guys (who called in to my radio show last week; MP3 is here) had who had bravely planned for a one day boycott of The Mass Turnpike, which I wrote about in the previous post A DAY WITHOUT GAYS, because that was also about protest (against Proposition H8) and was a one day boycott of another sort.

It seems Mayor Menino has formally asked them to halt this one-day boycott/protest because it will negatively impact senior citizens who use public transportation. Well, I like that Mayor Menino is on their side and opposes the turnpike toll increases, which are DRASTIC, and in most cases they will DOUBLE, and which are intended to pay for The Big Dig, but will also greatly benefit the salaries of that quasi-state agency which is the Mass Pike.

The Turnpike Authority collects these tolls and disperses them to salaries, some pretty large, at 79%, and the remaining 21% goes to the state. So these drastic increases, in their drasticness, will add up to increased monies for the state, but the bulk of the huge bounty will go to salaries. It’s like the Turnpike is a hostage to these salaries. The whole Mass Turnpike history is maddening. If the toll increases go through, it will now cost $7 to get to the airport.

One Response to “The Stop The Pike Hike organizers are politely asked to cease their “Boston Toll Party””

  1. Speaking of “Big Business Scams” here’s a Halloween special:

    A proposal to remove the top few hundred feet of Mt. Tom in Mt. Tom State
    Reservation in Holyoke, MA was made public today by the Enviro Show, LLC.
    Mr. Glen Ayers, spokesperson for the company stated: “We are not sure
    exactly what important geologic materials are buried deep inside of Mt.
    Tom, but it could be something that is needed somewhere in the world, and
    who ever needs it should not be concerned about the impacts that blowing
    off the top of this mountain will have on our local environment.”

    The proposed operation would remove the top part of the mountain with
    explosives to get at the deeper, economically important geologic
    materials. Ayers said the Old Growth Forest and the excess overburden from
    the blasting could be bull-dozed and dumped into the Whiting Street
    Reservoir which is conveniently located down hill, providing plenty of
    capacity for spoil materials and any associated toxic wastes that the
    mining will generate. The project is seen as a boon to economic
    development in the region.

    Ayers noted that “Immediately next to the Mt. Tom State Reservation is the
    Mt. Tom Power Plant on the banks of the Connecticut River, which gets its
    coal from mountain top removal operations in Central Appalachia, burning
    1,200 tons every day to generate CO2 and 146 Megawatts of much needed
    electricity. That coal is delivered by 80-car long trains, directly from
    the mines in places like Rawl, West Virginia”. Ayers says that mountain
    top removal has become an accepted practice and that it will benefit the
    community through the creation of jobs and eventual recreation
    opportunities on the leveled area.

    “This represents a good business opportunity”, says Ayers. “We are
    looking for smart investors, and expect the State of Massachusetts and the
    Patrick Administration to fully support this important effort to improve
    the economy of the Pioneer Valley. Public lands are special places that
    should be used to benefit society, industry, and the local economy. Such
    uses have a long and proud history in the Valley.”

    The Enviro Show, LLC, plans for this site include creating a large
    flat treeless expanse that will better support future development
    opportunities. Some ideas that may be pursued on the reclaimed site
    are community or private football and athletic fields, golf courses,
    cross-country skiing, community gardens, parkland and open space, and
    solar panel arrays, making this proposal a truly “green” opportunity.
    Its win-win-win for everyone!


    For more information contact Glen Ayers at The Enviro Show, LLC

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