The Do Not Call Registry

UPDATE: This below story is both true and not true. The Federal Trade Commission ( has a link to which is an official .gov site. Putting your cell phone number on this registry means you are permanently on that list unless you request to be taken off it and you cannot be called by telemarketers. There is no plan or date, so it seems (I found conflicting info), to release cell phone numbers to telemarketers….

I hate when people watch me while I blog, but it's even worse when they poke me. That's why I had to put up a fence.

I hate when people watch me while I blog, but it really bugs me when they poke me. Hence the fence.

So, your cell phone number may or may not be receiving telemarketing calls (I already have been, which is kind of a new thing) but the list is legit and once on the list you can turn in telemarketing companies by filing a complaint at that link for violating the do not call registry. But there is no urgency and cell phone numbers may or may not remain private. But ,if you google your own cell number you might just find it in random places that the telemarketers can also find.   –Thanks for the clarification Carey.

But, it remains to be true that if you use your cell phone near a gas pump you will explode, and on worldwide internet clean up day you do have to erase everything on your computer to help unclutter cyberspace (That one is my fave).  ;-)

THE ORIGINAL POST: So now cell phone numbers have been released to telemarketers. This means you can and likely will be called on your cell phone. But you can register for the Do Not Call Registry in under 30 seconds and it surely beats complaining about getting those calls.

For more information,

It takes 31 days to go through for some reason and after that if you get any telemarketing calls you can file a complaint (so long as you get the name of the company when they call you) at the web address listed above. The number to call is 888-382-1222. This is not a hoax or an urban legend. I just checked it and registered.

4 Responses to “The Do Not Call Registry”

  1. Are you sure, Mo?

    From what I learned, it is already illegal for telemarketers to use automatic dialers to call cell phones, and there is no cell-phone directory for them to work from anyway. Although it is entirely possible to sign up your cell phone number on the Do Not Call list, and it can’t hurt, I didn’t see anything about cell phone numbers “just being released to telemarketers” (although like all of us, I’ve gotten that spam email from time to time.)

    Do you have more recent info on this?

  2. Thank God. I always freak out that this time it may really be happening…

  3. Do you ever get those weird calls from Spanish robots? Do you know what I’m talking about? What are those??

  4. No!? Why aren’t they calling me? I could have fun with them. I am just lately starting to get telemarketing calls on my cell phone. So far they’ve been boring humans. I asked one of them to help me with a project the other day. And another for medical advice. I thought they weren’t allowed to hang up on you?

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