Paul Miller, Painterly Thriller

Watch the video here–> ()

Paul Miller Self-Portrait, with Paul miller video self

Paul Miller Self-Portrait, with Paul miller video self

So I am in Salem visiting my friends Maureen and Chaos for the weekend (an old typo for Chas that I decided to keep) and yesterday they brought me to Gloucester to visit their friend Paul Miller, an amazing painter and made-for-video conversationalist/lecturer/host.

Walking down Forgotthename Street in Salem, behind Chaos and Maureen

Walking down Forgotthename Street in Salem, behind Chaos and Maureen

While perusing his prolific pile of work I noted the prevalence of the color red and that most of his women seemed to have red hair. Thus began a game of blurtings like, “Redhead”, “Yep, ‘nother Redhead”, and “Um…” while knowingly nodding and glancing at yet more readheads. We had just had fried seafood so that might explain everything.

Watch the video here–> ()

Anyway, Paul’s apartment/studio was jammed with paintings everywhere and yet was so tidy and organized. Paul is a rare find; the secret painter tucked away and working constantly with no concern for what others are doing and no discernible desire to go get a show or to compete, perhaps, in any arenas.

From Chaos: “A decade ago I would meet Paul in a bookstore in Gloucester with any number of other interesting characters : poets, sculptors, painters, et cetera for our Friday afternoon salon : great fun all around, but I found one source of entertainment which never palled : that of concealing with my thumb the name and author of a drawing or etching in one of the numberless art folios in the store and saying “Hey Paul, what about this one ?” and being stunned by the rapidity and unerringness of his responses…”

“…if you’re very lucky, you’ll come to know that Paul enjoys thumbing through a box of his paintings to point out the many discoveries how colors read and how the drawing line produces an interesting effect { what he means is the effect usually only seen in the drawings of sculptors } what I mean by ‘lucky’ is that, by doing this with Paul, I’ve learned about taking an inquisitive, informed approach to painting and how completely individual the results can be…”

So while I have my cardamom coffee and blueberry pie for breakfast and wait for the everyone to wake up I thought I’d post the link to a video in which Paul narrates and expounds on his work and techniques. it’s quite an enjoyable treat.

Chaos examining the ground with the Friendship in the background

Chaos examining the ground beneath his feet with the Friendship in the background. The world is not flat.

And then it’s off to the petting zoo and a visit to the good ship Friendship where Chaos works and acts in a documentary. And more blueberry pie, this time with ice cream, and more coffee and back on the road.

Gallery of Paul Miller Art:

One Response to “Paul Miller, Painterly Thriller”

  1. Paul Miller is a genius. So glad you’re showing his work here. He deserves to be seen/known by the greater world. They spent many years in storage, but I have just delivered three of Paul’s fabulous pastels to the framer and they will now be seen in our Las Vegas, Nevada home. Paul was a dear friend of mine on Cape Ann and I am so happy you’ve created this site to show his art.

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