Top Search Engine Terms people used to find my blog

I owe a special thanks to Cy Twomby, Amoebas, Giant Cats and Rasputin. With extra thanks to me, that crazy toy phone floating around the world called Benign Girl, white people and Sandy Skoglund – with whom I “collaborated” on an installation.

Special thanks also go to Miss Pokeno and Escape Goats in general. I could only heart those Escape Goat search terms more if they were spelled “Exscape Goat”.

I love looking at my comparative metrics. Maybe only I find that interesting. And I don’t get the comparative part of that term. Comparative to… zero? like as in comparing to the starting point? In that case I don’t mind the comparison. Anyway–read on to see the funny stats.

Search Terms for all days ending 2008-10-17 (Summarized)

All Time

Search Views
cy twombly 2,300
amoeba 870
giant cat 717
rasputin 216
twombly 182
mo ringey 116
benign girl 97
white people 81
sandy skoglund 77
miss pokeno 63
alannah currie 51
escape goat 41
stuff white people like 40
homemade ginger ale 35
ray johnson 35
marc chagall 33
benigngirl 32 27
stripper peeps 25
cy twombley 25
amelia earhart 22
jello boobs 20
ray johnson bunny 17
“cy twombly” 15
big hairs 14
larry slezak 14 14
liberace 12
i hate white people 11
“benign girl” 11
geoff edgers 10
asian jello 10
50 cent 10
big sue 10
carey ascenzo 10
roadkill art 10
gigant cat 9
home made ginger ale 9
hana skirkey 9
mary gaitskill today i’m yours 9
dirty smelly noisy 9
steve nash pass 8
“mary nelen” 8
mike karmody 8
beautiful quotes 8
tibia neighbor 8
miss pokeno art 8 8
alannah currie furniture 7
cy twombly paintings 7

2 Responses to “Top Search Engine Terms people used to find my blog”

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