What’s in a name?


A T-shirt given to me by Paul Shoul

A T-shirt given to me by Paul Shoul

Because, for some odd reason, I have had to explain a lot lately why I call myself Mo (just going with the flow, as I have been called Mo since I was brought home from the baby place, and said name was assigned by my brother Matt) and I have had many conversations with people about naming oneself, and, as I have posted about, have found sites linking to me that say that I call myself Mo because my work is mostly mosaic-like. Oh dear. When I move to assemblage art I am going to call myself Ass. How’s that?

I never got the Three Stooges (it must be a guy thing) and when I would lose the battle of which program to watch as child and was forced to watch it I didn’t actually like Moe and would never have named myself after him. But I did always dream of changing my last name and wrote about that in the above linked-to post about why I call myself Mo.

A picture I took of Cher from that time when we went camping.

A picture I took of Cher from that time when we went camping.

But I don’t want create a name for myself out of nothing. And I rarely use my last name not because I think of myself as Cher-like or Madonna-like but because I cringe at my last name for sooooo many reasons. I would gladly take Cher’s last name, or Madonna’s last name. They are nice last names. They are not cringe-inducing. I will ask them if either of them will give me permission to use them. I went camping with Cher once. I hope she remembers the time we had as fondly as I do. Oh, how we laughed! Those were the days!

Anyway, today I found the Soap Opera Name Generator so I typed myself in and it says I should call myself India Cavendish. So, because life is a soap opera and I am the star of mine, from now on I am calling myself India Cavendish.  I will from here on in only respond to India. This makes perfect sense because I love Indian food and have been craving it lately. And Cavendish sounds like soap dish and in a crazy twist of coincidence I actually have a soap dish! I don’t actually have the $200 it costs to legally change my name but I am setting aside all the change I find on the ground from here on in. I find a lot fo change on the ground due to my degerative spinal condition. Using my slide rule I predict a legal name change will be monitarily facilitated by the year 2011. Something to look foward to.

P.S. My Superhero name seems to be The Daring Chameleon and my Spring Fairy Name is Rosebud Forest-Flame.

Quizopolis is fun times.

One Response to “What’s in a name?”

  1. Ok, I was tempted. And now I know. My deadly sin is Wrath, my Halloween monster is “Web-Footed”, and I’m a goner at 63.

    I’ll be calling in on Wednesday. ;)

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