Who’ll save the birds?

UPDATE: I checked all the other telephone poles in the garden and none of them has a support cable, slack or otherwise.

UPDATE AGAIN: I contacted our nice Mayor to see if he could help.

UPDATE AGAINAGAIN: The mayor is on it.

UPDATE OMG AND FLIPPY DANCES OF JOY!: The mayor and HG&E came to the rescue. See the details here.

Yesterday morning I was having my coffee when I saw a bird fly into a wire over the canal.  There is this wire attached to a telephone pole in the garden and it runs across the canal where it affixes to the concrete retaining wall on the other side. I guess it is supposed to somehow support the telephone pole but it is so slack that it supports nothing. And it seems like it would pull the telephone pole into the canal, if it were to do anything at all. The bird fell into the water and never appeared again. I was sad. So I called Holyoke Gas and Electric to tell them about this. I was transferred to a woman. I explained. She said, well it’s an electrical wire so it’s not like we can move it. This is the 3rd bird I have seen perish in this way, I said, it’s not an electrical wire, it’s just a cable. Really, I am pretty certain that it’s a cable. It has a loop on one end that hooks to an eye hook on the pole so it can’t be conducting electricity.

The wire as it connects to the telephone pole on this side of the canal

The wire as it connects to the telephone pole on this side of the canal

She said I must be mistaken. I tried to explain. I offered to send her a picture and she laughed and said please, no. I asked could they not send someone to move the cable. Well, it is an electrical wire so we can’t. I asked them to come and see it. How many electrical cables attach to concrete walls, I asked.

Detail showing it is a cable and not an electrical wire

Detail showing it is a cable and not an electrical wire

She took my name and number. I am waiting for the call. I felt so sad. I said a little payer that the bird would come back as something fun and nice to be. I remembered that there was some odd song way back when I was little in which the female singer pleaded, “Who’ll save the birds?” Google has no idea what I am talking about. I guess I don’t make sense to HG&E or to google. Maybe I don’t make sense at all.

The wire as it appears on the other side of the canal

The wire as it appears on the other side of the canal, and you can barely see how it suspends slackishly over the canal.

But that spot on the concrete wall on the other side of the canal doesn’t seem to be a conductor of any sort of real electricity. Maybe nothing is real. Am I crazy? I told the woman about how there was an open electrical thingie on top of the electrical station pole in the fenced-in area next to our building and how squirrels kept climbing up on it and exploding. It would make a loud boom and then we’d lose a portion of our power. They came and put a cap on it so there would be no more exploding members of the ecosystem. She seemed not to know of this. But it did happen. the building manager had a long talk with HG&E at that time and they acknowledge it. I think the fact that it has no purpose and kills birds means it should be moved.

I am sitting by the phone.

One Response to “Who’ll save the birds?”

  1. Octavia from the rubber factory Says:

    I am so glad that Mayor Mike was able to help out. It amazes me how many wires ( cables and electric) hang from these buildings and seem to go nowhere. When I am working, we get alot of calls regarding birds on wires and the only Gas & electric that has actually come out to help us animal control people are the Holyoke group – after I manage to get past the phone woman. :)

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