Valley Free Radio Fundraiser at Look Park on August 9 is postponed

Sigh. Sometimes shit happens and things need to be undone, with tails between legs and apologies galore. For some of us this is perhaps a way of life. Anyway–the event I posted about previously is now postponed with a future date TBD and thus to be announced again later. Have patience with me when I re-announce it.

The August 9 Valley Free Radio Fundraiser at Look Park with all the bands and etc is postponed. If you see one of our fliers or posters anywhere could you take them down and toss them for us? Thanks.

I am looking at the work on this event to date as a dress rehearsal. I had, perhaps embarrassingly, reached out too far and too much to fellow area bloggers in an appeal for coverage of this event. I do however now know who is willing to post about it to help spread the word and who I can contact with the new date, and that would be the fabuli Tommy Devine, Daryl G. LaFleur and Tzivia Gover (who is my guest next Wednesday on my radio show at 8 AM on VFR, 10303 FM).

Please check out their blogs. Great stuff. great people.

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