I am asking you for a date


We are having a fundraiser for Valley Free Radio on August 9th and I am hoping and wishing upon stars and meteors and the Aurora Borealis that you’ll all try to make it, for it’s a good cause. The radio station is entirely volunteer-run and donation driven. Your donations are put toward rent and the occasional necessary equipment. A lot of our equipment is donated as well and we don’t spend a dime unless absolutely necessary. There are no frills, no sushi, not even drinking water. Each programmer does their show on their own time and with whatever means at their individual disposal. Each programmer also volunteers 2 hours a month to help with the basic running of the station and attends monthly meetings. There is no paid staff, infrequent interns and no frills. Just a bunch of people putting on shows for the general enjoyment of the area public.

So, if you come to the event you will have a fabulous time in a beautiful setting and meet lots of fabulous people just like you. For the price of admission you will also become a member. Yay! More information below the flier.

Valley Free Radio Look Park Flier for August 9, 2008 Fundraiser

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Valley Free Radio WXOJ-LP 103.3fm

140 Pine Street, Florence, MA 01062 413-585-1033 www.valleyfreeradio.org
Valley Free Radio will be celebrating its third birthday with a benefit music event at Look Park, Route 9 in Northampton on Saturday, August 9, 2008. Look Park is partnering with VFR for this event with festivities kicking off at 12noon in the Pines Theater.

Music will be provided by some of the VFR DJ’s and performances will include from VFR programmers Strong Oak, Jesse Molina, Marla BB, Jenursa, Arjuna Greist, and the Hilltown Kids Rock and Roll Choir.

Also performing will be the Valley’s own Ellen Cogen Jazz Trio, Aric Bieganek, School for the Dead, Equalites, Black Rebels, The Alchemystics and more! Music will continue through 9pm.

Tickets for the concert will be $30, but if you join VFR in advance for a yearly membership donation of $25, your membership is your ticket in! Not only do you save $5 on this event, but we are working with other nonprofits, venues, and businesses in the area to create an array of discounts and mutually beneficial opportunities for VFR members, such as 20% off entrance to Look Park for an entire year.

The main benefit to becoming a member of VFR is, of course, supporting a vital source of local and independent news, commentary, music, and information that you just won’t hear anywhere else. Donations pay the bills that keep this station on the air. Other benefits include discounts, (see above) and even free shows, like the one on August 9.

As to the parking issue, we need to clarify whether this is a Look Park “Special Event” (and thus $10 to park) or not. If not, the parking fee will only be $5, and thus only $4 for VFR members with the 20% discount. Either way, this is a fee per car, so it can be reduced for each person by carpooling, going with people who have a season pass, parking at the Jr. High and walking in, biking, etc. Entrance to the park is also free for cars with handicapped placards.

For more information contact: fundraising[at]valleyfreeradio.org

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  1. Cheers Mo for doing this . . . much appreciated . . . big smile from The Kennedys!

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