Coiffley Millinery Delights

I keep finding these hair hats all over the internet and so I googled the artist who has a website with lots of pandas and a brief wiki entry: ”

Nagi Noda (野田 凪 Noda Nagi?) is a Japanese pop artist born in Tokyo in 1973.

Her works include the short film Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video For Being Appraised as an “Ex-fat Girl”, the half-panda-half-something-else Hanpanda life-sized figures, and the video for Japanese singer Yuki‘s song “Sentimental Journey”. Other works include: Direction of a television advertisement for Coca Cola (which Jack White from The White Stripes did the music for), Collaboration with Medicom Toy to produce Nagi Noda Be@rbrick and she also had some fun with a horror themed cafe project for 4 days.”

Nagi Noda Hair Hats

I imagine a hair hat fashioned in the likeness of a wolf’s head would go nicely with a sheepskin jacket. And so on. Hats make me think of a Millinery which makes me think of my drag queen next door neighbors in Brighton who once went to Key West at Halloween and upon their return regaled me with tales of the big Fantasy Fest parade (among other shenanigans). Their favorites were a group of drag queens who marched in the parade wearing the most fantastic of hats wearing huge buttons that said, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” while carrying a banner that proclaimed, GAYS IN THE MILLINERY.

Nagi Noda also has a pretty fabulous video on youtube:

Nagi Noda Youtube video stills

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