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“She was crazy, but she came by it honestly”  -from a psychic I saw last fall who looked at my palms and told me the story of my childhood with goosebump-inducing precision and who went on to tell me what huge journey I was currently on including actual people (not by name) and how it turned out. It turned exactly as he said it would. He predicted events that happened, right on schedule. My session lasted 2 or 3 hours it seemed but when I left, I realized 6 hours had passed.

“Ever since Joyce, ” he said, “we have been aware of the fact that the greatest adventure in our lives is the absence of adventure’ Odysseus fought at Troy, made his way home on a ship he himself piloted, had a mistress on every island–no, such is not the life we live. Homer’s Odyssey now takes place within man. Man has internalized it. The islands, the sirens seducing us, and Ithaca calling us home–they have all been reduced to voices within us.” From The Book of Laughter and Forgetting -Milan Kundera

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