Personne, PersonneMo, Geronimo, and the sins of the father and the [W]holy son.

It’s a lovely day to appreciate and be appreciated. I think it’s a sign of strength and character to give credit, and freely, and that’s what a dear friend has done here.

And my appreciation for all of his/her/it’s friendshipnesses, kindnesses and words of encouragingnesses is boundless – for this author has the gift of infinite empathy and compassion, wisdom and insight. Personne sees the beautiful.

I look forward to reading this blog every day. And so everyone, meet Carin…

We are maybe going camping cabining at my favorite campground in quebec this fall when the crowds leave and once I have been released from my residency at the *spa* at Bellevue. My imaginary personal assistant left and I have a new grey hair so I am off! Next post will be during my recreation hour. Since personne is french for nobody and I am french (according to that birth certificate) My new name is PersonneMo.

Oddly–rhymes with Geronimo. Oddlier yet —

Theft of remains

Portrait of Geronimo by Edward S. Curtis, 1905.

Portrait of Geronimo by Edward S. Curtis, 1905.

In 1918, certain remains of Geronimo were stolen in a grave robbery. Three members of the Yale secret society of Skull and Bones served as Army volunteers at Fort Sill during World War I; one of those three members was Prescott Bush, father of the forty-first President of the United States George H. W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush. They reportedly stole Geronimo’s skull, some bones, and other items, including Geronimo’s prized silver bridle, from the Apache Indian Prisoner of War Cemetery. The stolen items were alleged to have been taken to the society’s tomb-like headquarters on the Yale University campus, and are supposedly used in rituals practiced by the group, one of which is said to be kissing the skull of Geronimo as an initiation. The story was known for many years but widely considered unlikely or apocryphal, and while the society itself remained silent, former members have said that they believed the bones were fake or non-human, possibly in an attempt at misdirection.

One Response to “Personne, PersonneMo, Geronimo, and the sins of the father and the [W]holy son.”

  1. sapientiadei Says:

    i hope to continually be worthy of your kind words. one of my many definitions of friendship is when one transforms another into more than one was before one knew the other. i am definitely MO’re than i was before when. but i am curious? who is dwight?

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