Homemade Ginger Ale

Psychoacoustic Metaphorical Attenuations

When I boil down my thoughts about life (which makes me think of homemade gingerale for which I have included the recipe below) to the simplest personal philosophy in an effort to tease out some meaningful meaning (in other words, when I make up shit in an effort to convince myself that I have even the slightest understanding of life and what is happening in my head), I always come back to the homegrown notion of the Metaphor-Go-Round which I first invented years ago in my arts newsletter.

So this morning when I got an email from my Valley Free Radio listserv (where I have an arts talk show), the following bit struck me as an inadvertent metaphorical perspective on life; a somewhat hidden gift of insight in the form of an innocuous email about why the turntables are creating oddly attenuated output when programmers play selections from the vinyl library. I have added my comments, theories?, and etc in peachy parentheses and brackets. And of course I have added random “illustrations” in the form of stock photography resulting from searches using peculiarly attentuated phraseology.

[sic] “It’s most likely because the two channels (Id and Superego?) are becoming PHASE-INVERTED (as in Cognitive Dissonance?) somewhere in the audio transmission chain. When this happens, “center channel” (ego?) information, such as vocals (reason?) which are centered directly between the two channels, are effectively “nulled out” (loss of affect?) of the stereo mix, and thus become nearly inaudible. If you’re listening in mono (i.e., listening solely with Superego or Id), you won’t notice it. But if you’re listening in stereo, the two channels SUBTRACT the information which is common to both of them (the commonalities between Superego and Id, as in the land of Ego), when the phase between the channels is reversed. As to what the “fix” might be (Freudian psychoanalysis? Internal Family Systems? pharmacotherapy?), I’ll defer to [Freud], who knows more about the equipment and its quirks than anybody else. It’s possible that either the left or right track is being attenuated somewhere between source and output. [ Attenuation of the prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle response within and between sessions?]

And then I imagine a lofty and convoluted discussion with my therapist, a la the dream sequence in my favorite movie (for my attenuated identity is the “Girl Friday” protagonist in that film) I’ve heard the Mermaids Singing, in which my therapist replies, Get your lovable shit out of this office, please.”

P.S. I don’t really get any of the stuff above. I just ponder it.


Ginger is good for nausea. I have a prescription for nausea because aspects of life (and lofty ponderings) make me nauseous at times. But I don’t like presccriptions so much so I try to use more organic methods like ginger.

But the stuff you buy often does not have much ginger in it or it comes from ground or otherwise processed ginger. The organic stuff does come from ginger but has sugar and some of us react to sugar. And the organic stuff is expensive. So, I make my own gingery hooch, sans sugar.

I have found that Asian markets such as the one on Route 9 sell fresh ginger root for $2.49/pound as opposed to $3.99/pound at those bigger supermarkets and organic foods places. So you get a pile of ginger and peel it. Then use kitchen scissors to cut it up. When you cut it you unlock more of the juicy, gingery fabulousness which is potent, especially if you get it in your eye.

Then put it in a pan of water and boil till it is reduced to about half. I then add stevia powder and stir. Stevia is not like splenda or other man-made sweeteners – it is a plant native to Paraguay which has a sweet taste. Some people complain of the aftertaste, another metaphor for life, so I add fresh lemon.

So once you’ve boiled and sweetened, you let the syrupy mixture cool. I then add fresh lemon slivers and put it in the fridge. Then I just add it to a glass of seltzer or sparkling mineral water and thus a glass of fresh and homemade ginger ale is born. One glass at a time.

4 Responses to “Homemade Ginger Ale”

  1. That’s Rasputin, BTW

  2. Did you take that photo (of the gingerale)?

  3. It really is uncanny how pertinent a pychoanalytic reading of many things seems — especially in relation to technological functions. The metaphors are really overwhelming and I very much enjoyed your translation!

  4. Gnome de Pluehm Says:

    I’ll be in town sometime in July and I’ll be expecting a glass of ginger ale!

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