Taxidermy Art

Huma Mulji - Arabian Delight

Huma Mulji

Arabian Delight

Rexine Suitcase, Taxidermy Camel, Metal Rods, Wood, Cotton Wool, Fabric

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Images of the Harvard Museum of Natural History posted on Flickr by Zusty. See all 182 of her photos from the museum here +

Found at

People have been sending me stuff about taxidermy since the post about the reversible taxidermy cat/dog. Both images make me have anxiety because I am claustrophobic. i take atavan before every MRI. Although, yesterday I took it at the last minute and it didn’t take effect fully and so I had a half-panic attack which is nothing like a full-nelson which is what I call the car accident that resulted in all of the wild MRI rides.

(Gosh- I cannot stay on topic.)

And from an article about a book written by an anxietyiac in the NYT, “Like 40 million Americans, Ms. Pearson suffers from anxiety, which she pithily calls “fear in search of a cause.” Her own case fascinates her, and quite rightly. It presents her with the opportunity to examine modern civilization and its discontents, as well as her own miseries, which she does, thoughtfully and incisively.”

My own case of neuroses fascinates me too.

The article goes on to say, “Even worse, the worship of reason and science, by encouraging the notion that human beings can control their environment, has created a terrible fault line in the modern psyche, although not all societies suffer equally. Mexicans have lots to worry about but don’t. The World Mental Health Survey, conducted in 2002, found that only 6.6 percent of Mexicans had ever experienced a major episode of anxiety or depression. Meanwhile, to their north, 28.8 percent of the American population has been afflicted with anxiety, the highest level in the world. Mexicans who move to the United States adapt, becoming more anxious.”

Clearly it’s not my fault. I have generalized anxiety because I live here.

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