On Friday, March 14 from 5-7 PM there is wine and cheese with your name on it at The Northampton Center for the Arts.

Please put on clothing and shoes and head out to the Northampton Center for the Arts (<-that link has map and directions) on 17 New South Street in Northampton for a reception from 5-7 PM this Friday, March 14. Rumor has it that I will be in charge of shopping for and assembling the wine and cheese so there should be plenty of that plus perhaps some Zazz, my favorite seltzer, haphazardly strewn about. Why should you come? Gosh.

THE BECAUSE: Our own local Dean Nimmer wrote a how-to inspirational book about art called, Art From Intuition. It features the work of many area artists and so this show is to introduce the book and display some of the art featured within. The book will hit bookstores, local and beyond, on April 15. Dean has one advance copy which will be at the show and which will be heavily guarded by off-duty police officers on horses, as they got a hot tip that people would be trying to steal it. There will also be undercover police officers dressed as area artists and a S.W.A.T. team surrounding the building. And security cameras and lawyers and lobstermen. And Taxidermists. And crackers–to go with the cheese or to crumple up and put in your wine. Dean has thought of everything.

And that’s me on the cover so I have a piece in the show. I have a policy on this blog to not let it turn into another newsletter announcing events since I am eternally grateful to The Arts Newsletter guys for taking over that venture and would never compete with their efforts in any way, but since I work part-time for Dean, and am in the show, I am promoting this show and reception here.

I will be the one with the paper bag over my head as I have yet another embarrassing aesthetical debacle to hide; I seem to have a bacterial thing on my face and webmd said to fix it using hydrogen peroxide. But then I looked in the mirror a few days later and thought, “I know I am stressed out but how could that have caused my eyebrows to go blond overnight?” Then I remembered the hydrogen peroxide. So I went to the doctor and got a topical antibiotic to put all over my face which acts like a mild battery acid and now it looks like I went out in the sun slathered in baby oil and iodine and got baked. Sigh.

It reminds me of the time I was brushing my teeth while visiting a friend in San Francisco last winter and didn’t notice that he had lit a candle and put it over the sink. As I was leaning over brushing my teeth I smelled that distinct hair burning smell. It took a year to grow out that reverse mohawk. I might have noticed that I was on fire sooner had I not accidentally eaten one of his medicinal peanut butter-cranberry marijuana cookies he kept in the house for the nausea associated with chemotherapy. It is my lot in life to be an embarrassment to myself.

Anyway–back to Friday: shower, put on clothes and go to the NCA at 5. We will likely be locked out promptly at 7:10 PM so it might be best to plan for a less fashionable arrival on the earlier side.

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