Making Points.

Sometimes people make simple points and they get shot down with that old, “stop looking for handouts”, phrase which seems meant to whither and dismiss other points of view, rather than discuss and debate. Other times people make points in hilarious ways and they elicit all manner of responses. I love reading comments sections. I found this article a while ago:


Couple Paints “FU FAA” On Roof To Protest Jet Noise

Fed up with a change in flight patterns that made them sleep in bed at night with earplugs, one Philly couple decided to paint “FUCK YOU FAA. NO FLY ZONE” and a symbol for “no planes” on the top of their roof. Note: in real life, it says “fuck” but the newspaper photoshopped it to just say “FU.” Homeowner Michael Hall said they had tried to lodge complaints with the FAA noise-complaint hotline over 20 times, but whenever they called, an answering machines would apologize for not being able to take their message as the mailbox was full. [FULL STORY AND COMMENTS]


I found this article (pasted below) the other day. The writer suggests that arts coverage is a good thing. The comments suggest that such suggestions are “looking for handouts”?

The arts deserve support

StoryChat 2 Comments

Recently the Star Press has featured articles on what can be done to make Muncie a better place to live. That is good and I commend the editors. The emphasis in these articles has mostly focused on economic, political, and education issues. That is partly good. I want to propose another area of our community that should also be emphasized and that is the arts.

We are fortunate to have so many arts organizations, large and small, in our geographic area. It would be difficult to imagine East Central Indiana without a symphony orchestra, art museum, civic theater, Masterworks Chorale, Cornerstone Center for the Arts and the list could go on and on. The arts are a necessary and vital part of a community. These arts organizations exist because there are and have been those with the foresight to recognize the civic virtue of having community arts programs…

The reader comments below do not reflect the opinion of The Star Press and are the responsibility of the individual author.


  (Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:32 pm)If the above post is intended as a value judgment it is ill-advised. A newspaper is in business to inform and no one will come to anything unless he or she knows about it.Would the writer of the above post suggest that the StarPress not cover athletic events? Those are also cultural events; they rightly deserve and they get competent coverage. Meaningful coverage of arts events would add to the entertainment value of our city — both for residents and outsiders, who would come and spend money!Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:04 am


  Just like every thing else in life, if it’s good they will come. Stop looking for hand outs.Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:32 pm

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