Cover Me – Reception Images and Coverage

This morning the Boston Globe article is coming out. It seems that due to a space crunch it has been delayed a few days. (update–it is out. Click here.) I am afraid that I have big crazy hair, in the images which inspired my big hair story post below. The hilarity of my life and my faux-saintly cross to bear is to be always somehow embarrassed by images of me. It was a windy and rainy day – the sort of day that necessitates coiffley-restraint. Why didn’t I bring something to tie my hair back for the photo shoot? I know I did have bungee cords in the trunk of my car. I wish I’d thought of that. The one picture of myself that I don’t mind as much is the one on the cover of Dean Nimmer’s book. When I saw that image for the first time my first thought was that when I put in highlights evidently I only get the top layer, thus creating a hair color gradient of sorts. My second thought was that my friend Cassandra gives great haircuts. I didn’t know what I looked like from the back. At the least I am glad that it is not too obvious that those jeans have duct tape patching the holes in the lower pocket region.

Anyway – reception photos can be found here and I am posting a few below, which link to larger images. From my perspective, everyone else looks perfectly fabulous.

I guess the story will now come out Monday or Tuesday, closer to the rumored Valley Advocate article which I am told will be next Wednesday. I feel it necessary, because of comments I keep hearing due to my magnetic feedback field, that this exhibit was not an attack but simply artists addressing repeated cuts in arts coverage in the form of their art. It seems so logical to my non-magnetic logic field report. According to my personal quadratic formula, it is a valid and thoughtful commentary and the work in the show that addressed the issue did so nicely and artfully.

All images by Hana Skirkey

Cover Me - Mo Ringey

Mike Karmody’s piece, “NIMBY“, (not in my backyard) provided the interactive entertainment and made for some pretty great photo opportunities.

Cover Me - Mo Ringey

Cover Me - Mo Ringey

Cover Me - Mo Ringey

One Response to “Cover Me – Reception Images and Coverage”

  1. It’s out!
    Maybe there’s more pictures in the print edition? Your hair looks good to me Mo!

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