Narcisissim and Team Spirit

My friend Dwight, a writer in Montreal, wrote:

“Wish I’d been there. Particularly like your rectifying the Narcissus myth. In our current post-modern narcissistically driven world and the obsession with fame and celebrity, this puts a particularly poignant spin on it all. Wonder where & when we began seeing Narcissus as a youth egoically fixated? Is it perhaps our knee-jerk tendency to see the worst in the other, so Narcissus is selfishly self-loving instead of suffering the agonies of being inconsequential – perhaps even non-existent? Thanks for that Mo.”

The inadvertent scheduling of the reception on Super Bowl Sunday is interesting. In sports it is often said, “It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.” The players work as team – the team wins, not the individual players. When players fail to work as a team the commentators seem quick to point this out. I know this because I watched a game once. Team spirit is key, the goal is singular and achieved by a team effort. Go Team Everyone.

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