What did I do before the internet? I am not sure if I even existed then but if I did, I know that I never knew the weather or my daily horoscope till I picked up a paper. I am now hooked on my daily emails including the word of the day, daily horoscope and accuweather alert so in order to have them all combined in that www kind of way, I signed up for the Daily Psychic WhetherWeatherWord Report: (no words were invented or harmed in any way for this report and all were fact checked at The Phrontistery).

Your 5-Day Weather Forecast



Frost in the morning; sunny



Frost this morning; a full day of sunshine. High chance of Mondayism today, intermittent with organizing your studio and using up all your cell minutes. Word: alcine – of, like or pertaining to elks; of, like or pertaining to auks. Elks and Auks are significantly stampeding in your ruling planet today.

High 52°
Low 33°


Clear to partly cloudy



Clear to partly cloudy. Chance of OMGs with intermittent WTFs.

Low 33°


Sunny to partly cloudy



Sunny to partly cloudy. 100% chance of seeing Mary Gauthier at the Iron Horse. High chance of meeting her and telling her that you used to eat at her restaurant, The Dixie Kitchen, in Boston and LOVED it and her music. Small chance of interviewing her for radio show. Word: theophagy – sacramental consumption of a god.

High 55°
Low 36°


Breezy with periods of sun



Breezy with times of sun and clouds; pleasant in the afternoon. High chance of Halloween with intermittent thoughts of taping everything white in the wastebasket to clothing and parading about as tired old cliche, “White Trash”. Word: puccoon – blood-root; dark red colour. The color you painted your floor is in mercury today, comingling with the retrograde of it all. Ret. ro.

High 65°
Low 41°


Partly sunny and breezy



Partly sunny and breezy. Chance of employment with possible employmenty-ish employment. Possible scattered misgivings about losing that ‘just another word for nothing left to lose’ thing yet happily and gainfully so in terms of sushi futures, with high likelihood of showering and behaving in a businessy fashion. 100% chance of Jon Whitney’s birthday. Word: apivorous – eating bees. Maybe someone will make Jon a bee cake for his b-day. Then again, maybe it will snow.

High 58°
Low 32°


Breezy with abundant sunshine



Breezy with abundant sunshine. Word: arachibutyrophobia – fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth. Chance of starting The Smelvis Project and experimenting with scratch n’ sniff peanut butter and bacon. Chance of mercy.


Mercy Now Lyrics
Artist(Band):Mary Gauthier


Written by Mary Gauthier

My father could use a little mercy now
The fruits of his labor
Fall and rot slowly on the ground
His work is almost over
It won’t be long and he won’t be around
I love my father, and he could use some mercy now

My brother could use a little mercy now
He’s a stranger to freedom
He’s shackled to his fears and doubts
The pain that he lives in is
Almost more than living will allow
I love my bother, and he could use some mercy now

My church and my country could use a little mercy now
As they sink into a poisoned pit
That’s going to take forever to climb out
They carry the weight of the faithful
Who follow them down
I love my church and country, and they could use some mercy now

Every living thing could use a little mercy now
Only the hand of grace can end the race
Towards another mushroom cloud
People in power, well
They’ll do anything to keep their crown
I love life, and life itself could use some mercy now

Yeah, we all could use a little mercy now
I know we don’t deserve it
But we need it anyhow
We hang in the balance
Dangle ‘tween hell and hallowed ground
Every single one of us could use some mercy now
Every single one of us could use some mercy now


  1. Mo, what are you saying?

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