Last week I had a little mini break as a guest at and it was the sweetest little getaway.
Sarah Pebworth, who was on the newsletter board, bought the inn a few months ago and has embarked on a new adventure as innkeeper. It’s like one of those movies where the protagonist does a crazy life-changing thing and ends up in a tiny town with all these sweet characters. Just like that. Over the course of 3 days I was able to wander in and out of the kitchen and see the workings of the inn. I had a sweet room (room#2) with a sitting area where I set up my laptop and went to work. I had deadlines so I spent most of my days working but had I not brought my work I’d not have been able to even go and there *is* a difference between working in my studio and working in Maine. Holyoke is not Maine. The Inn is walking distance to the bay
and everything else you might need so one of the biggest pleasures was parking my car at arrival and not getting into it again till I left a few days later. I had a big 4 four-poster bed with a big poofy duvet and it was like landing in a place I’d not otherwise have experienced as I have never stayed in an inn before. My last few stays while traveling were at Super 8 motels and they are very different from an inn. The inn has a big yard with seating areas where I had my coffee
every morning
and lots of apple trees striking jaunty poses
and I imagined summer parties on the lawn with tiki torches and fresh apple brulee and things served flaming like cherries jubilee.
Breakfast in the morning consisted of an assortment of amazing options served with locally baked bread and Nervous Nellie’s Jams and Jellies.
I relate to food in general and especially to foods with names I find I have a lot in common with.
I walked to The Westcott Forge, a block away, with Sarah
one evening for a glass of wine and we decided that the wine list needed some further descriptions and so we set about rewriting the wine list, choosing the reds to begin. Anneliese,
the owner so loved our winescriptions that she invited us back the next night to redo the whites

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