Thoughts on interviewing Mary Gauthier

Mary gauthier is coming to the iron horse and I am on the guest list plus one. I asked Jim the PR King at IHEG if I couls also interview her for my radio show. he said perhaps I could bring a handheld and interview her for a few minutes before the show. So my 5 typing fingers free-associated back:

hmmm….. hand held is an idea.

through maybe it would be rushed? maybe she gets annoyed at people in her face all the time? with equipment? and question marks? the never-ending question marks? sometimes 2 or 3 piled up at the end of the stupid, predictable sentence???

lashing out at all the question marks, the never ending question marks, wondering why no one ever throws semi colons or tildas at her. the ennui of every interview being groundhog day and the pushy fans and the smell of microphones that have heard too much boring bullshit till they want to feedback or electrocute the annoying radio host slowly but thoroughly like the cheap saccharine off-brand stay puff that they think they hide behind the “on-air personality”. so desolate, so bleak, so sysiphean, soooo dramatic.

maybe I could simply meet her and say hi and tell her I know her from The Dixie Kitchen in Boston. I’d rather be unannoying.

maybe I won’t bother. maybe you could just tell there is a non-violent crazy person out there who idolizes her for her music and courage and originality and unique uniqeness and who LOVED The Dixie Kitchen and remembers her from seeing her at the restaurant.

and who was also adopted.

and arrested.

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