This is an old post from my old blog, with an update. A blog I broke up with because it just wasn’t open to communication and that made me feel unloved and whiny. Even when I’d cover my ears and sing hymns I could hear the deadly screaming that was silence.

Anyway–I heard again from *Alive*, my mysterious seemingly Sagittarian anonymous postcard pal this week, although now *Alive* has been alive 15,946 days which would mean that 71 days have passed since the last postcard *Alive* sent when he professed to be alive 15,875 days. I guess this makes sense as I got the first postcard on 6/6/07 and the second on 8/16 ish I think.

The original post is below so this post goes from middle to down and then from top to middle, chronologically. But that’s how I read things anyway and only I read this so it’s fair. Now *Alive* is into Navajo Jewelry from the looks of his stamps. And this time I got a personal message, “Congrats on the adoption and sabbatical. Thanks for your years of service. X2”. I recently gave up a project for adoption to other people and am on a sabbatical of faux silence. It is all relevant.
Thoughts on the bolded bit above—>Hmmm. *Alive* is either named Xavier Xantham and so uses the X2 to denote that. Or, *Alive* is into xs. Whatever. Anyway-the original post:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jesania Yo - Vacuum project, in progress in the alley

Jesania Yo - Vacuum project, in progress in the alley

Every day I stop gluing my vacuum cleaner bag long enough to visit my pal the post office box. I glue day and night so my pal PO BOX is a welcome reprieve, except when it has rejection letters in it; then it is aiding and abetting my insecurities and it is no friend of mine.

The vacuum cleaner bag is attached, coincidentally, to an old vacuum cleaner called Premier Grand and is a new piece for an upcoming show at the Springfield MFA.

I often refer to the vacuum cleaner project as, “Jesania Yo”, as an homage to a bit of graffiti on the wall in the alley outside my studio. I spent weeks in that alley covering the cloth bag with fiberglass and resin to shore it up enough to be the base for a layer of smashed glass and every time I looked up I would spy this little bit of spray paint at eye level in front of me and, like the pollen floating through the alley, the name, “Jesania Yo” stuck to the sticky fiberglass and resin layer and became part of the bag.

But today’s field trip to PO BOX @#$%, yielded a crazy kind of mystery and took my mind off all that.

Anonymous communication from Xs *Alive*

Anonymous communication from Xs *Alive*

Today I found a homemade postcard from an anonymous sender and embarked on a journey of investigation. I broke each element down and analyzed it while I glued and next thing I knew hours had passed without a single freaked-out and irrational thought. Well, I guess spending hours analyzing an anonymous postcard might be considered irrational but my bar my be lower than yours in that category.

Anyway here are the elements and my sleuthful conclusions;

ADDRESS – On the front it was addressed to me in huge blocky letters slanted to the left.
The lettering is so odd that it looks purposefully randomized. I took a 5 minute break and experimented with writing my name and address with my left hand and approximated the handwriting fairly well. So I decided to conclude, from this extensive research, that the person addressed it with their non-writing hand. So why would they disguise their handwriting? Is it because otherwise I’d recognize the lettering? Or, is it because they fear being tracked down by the FBI? Well, I want to believe this is a nice mystery so I am going to believe the former. I have deduced now that this is from someone I know. Although… when i got back from the PO I had a spam email from Dempsey Tilda and the subject line read, “Deceit” so maybe spam is trying to warn me.

STAMPS – It had 7 four-cent stamps depicting each a mustard colored Chippendale chair with an orange seat on a brown background. It was postmarked Springfield, MA. The other side has a border made by the parts of the stamps that remain on the thingie paper after you pull the stamps off and which made a brown jagged border. The stamps are in a curved pattern and are not lined up by any means. So the sender is a creative sort to use the discard stamp bits to decorate the other side. Mystery Person also either cannot do straight horizontals (the address, the stamps, both sloping). Mystery Person (heretofore to be known as, “MP”) also does not like to waste things and is resourceful and probably recycles. The leftover stamp surrounds making the border say 2003 so they have been lying about for a while. And, MP *has* 4 cent stamps around. Why? MP must mail odd sized things or perhaps uses lots of stamps and had to buy the 4 centers when postage went up in 2003. MP is careful with money and has math skills. And the stamp design choice? MP might be a Chippendale. Or maybe MP read my blog post about dressing the Stone Soup guys up as Chippendales when they deliver my sculptures to the museum later this month. Perhaps MP is into furniture. Or maybe MP stole the stamps or found them.

CARD STOCK – The postcard is made on heavy card stock. Not everyone has heavy card stock around. Is MP a designer? There is residue or blue pen lines on the top and right sides, further evidence of this postcard being part of a batch. If you are only going to cut out one card, why rule it off? But the cut edges are rough so MP does not have a cutting board. Maybe NOT a designer. And because the plus 4 part of my zip code is on the line below the first 5 part of the zip so definitely not a designer. Designers plan out text space ahead of time. MP has access to heavy card stock but is not a designer.

MESSAGE – There are stamped words that say, “alive 15,875 days” and at the bottom another larger stamped bit that says,”2.454 258″. There is a big black smudge on it too which could suggest it was stamped in a batch and stacked while still wet.

Alive 15,875 days and postmarked June 6. Perhaps this refers to someone born on December 19, 1963, assuming it was postmarked on the date it was mailed or thereabouts. So it refers to a Sagittarius. I check with Rob Brezney, (one of my heroes) and he has this to say about Sagittarii this week:

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Imagine what it feels like to rub your hand over the stubble that’s just beginning to spring from the skin you shaved. Visualize a single small purple flower jutting through the dry brown stalks lining the trail you’re hiking along. Remember a moment, after an argument with an ally, when the first tentative spark of
reconciliation flowed between your eyes and his or hers. These are good metaphors for the kinds of experiences you should seek out, cultivate, and concentrate on in the coming week.

So naturally I must assume that this postcard is from a mystery-loving, frugal furniture-loving/making Sagittarius with horizontal issues who is seeking me out to show me their new beard or wants to share gardening tips or reconciliatory metaphors, and read my post about wanting to win the lottery to be able to afford decent photography so maybe someday I will stop being rejected for everything and is sharing winning lottery numbers with me.

Or, maybe someone is planning a 44th birthday and has decided to start building the suspense early which will lead to the big bash next December. So many possibilities.

It doesn’t really matter what it’s about because I realize now that I spent the last few hours pondering it rather than freaking out about my looming deadline and wondering how the hell I am going to grout this vacuum cleaner bag. But I am calling my local FBI just to be sure.


  1. Interesting! I love a good mystery.

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