AUTOMAGICDIDACTISM (as in magically self-learnedism)


Because you were wondering: In literary and critical theory, posthumanism or post-humanism, meaning beyond humanism, is a major European continental philosophy
of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

It strives to move beyond the ideas and images of the world of Renaissance humanism to correspond more closely to the 21st century‘s concepts of technoscientific knowledge. It mainly differentiates from classical humanism in that it restores the stature that had been made of humanity to one of many natural species. According to this claim, humans have no inherent rights to destroy natureethical considerations a priori. or set themselves above it in

“The term “TRANSHUMANISM” is often used as a synonym for “human enhancement“.[20] Transhumanism is sometimes erroneously referred to as “posthumanism,” especially in the United States where that term is not as common outside academic sources. In one interpretation, transhumanism is a subordinate of the postmodern critique of humanism known as posthumanism,[21] and while all transhumanists may, in this sense be posthumanists, it has not been, nor should it be, claimed that all posthumanists are transhumanists.

POSTMODERNISM (sometimes referred to as Pomo, Po-Mo, or PoMo [1], [2], [3]) was coined in the early 1960s to describe a dissatisfaction with modern architecture, founding the postmodern architecture.[4] It became then a term for the reaction to modernism in other fields as well, especially the fields of postmodern literature or Postmodern music. When the idea of a reaction, or even rejection, of the movement of modernism (a late 19th, early 20th centuries art movement) was borrowed by other fields, it became synonymous in some contexts with postmodernity, a term for the evolutions in society, economy and culture since the 1960s.[5]



  1. Can you perhaps provide me with a better (high def) version of this ‘Thor Automagic Washer’ poster? It’s just great! Many thanks in advance,

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