and the clouds and the internet connection

(first posted January 30, 2006 in my newsletter)

Jamoka as self-created as an ice/canal sculpture January 2006

Jamoka as self-created as an ice/canal sculpture January 2006


I don’t remember how or when, but at some point I became really superstitious. Like, REALLY superstitious: self-serving, life-affirming, OCD level superstitious. But because I don’t like negatives, my superstitions all either herald good things or oh-so-gently direct me away from possible bad things. Green traffic lights mean I am on the right path, red lights mean I need to think a bit about where I am headed (is this supermarket really the right supermarket for me? Does this mean there will be bad news in my post office box? Should I not go get coffee?) But because my superstitions are all tailor translated and all of them either point to good things or point me away from bad things, they have turned into a manageable, yet perhaps obsessive, way of life. Like, when I see a penny on the ground: if it is heads up I pick it up and I get a wish. But if it is tails up then my job is to turn it over and leave it so the next person will find it heads up and they will get a wish. The OCD kicks in though, and I have tried to walk by pennies on busy sidewalks and ignore them, but then I just have to backtrack and lean down to right the penny and cause a disruption in the foot traffic and get jostled and all that. But that’s how it is.


So yesterday when the internet went down for several hours I saw it as an omen telling me to go work on The Coolerator which is a piece I have to deliver soon to The William Blizard Gallery at Springfield College for an upcoming show. And so I am finishing up the newsletter this morning. I never know what sort of folderol my fingers will type into this space (meaning I am not responsible for what they say) so I couldn’t help but wonder if the internet went down yesterday to save me from overexposing my outward-facing crazy. Maybe my fingers were planning on typing something really absurd and then they’d giggle behind my back as I blindly clicked on “SEND”. Or maybe they were going to type something so brilliant that I’d get hired at Sun Microsystems to be a “Thinker” (yes, they have those, and they want me) and then I’d never finish The Coolerator for this show, having been lured into the seductive world of high salary, low work flow and sushi every day.


Anyway, I see the image above as being a sign that Jamoka, (my dog, who most of you know died in November, and who has his own portfolio of modeling gigs for cartoonists, ads, and paintings by Fran Kidder) is watching over me and all of us and that makes me happy so it’s all good. And whatever I was going to say yesterday is perhaps better left to my inner crazy.

PICTURED: “Jamoka in the canal: facing stage left”, photographed by Nona Hatay, February, 2007. Water, ice, snow, imagicnation.

ABOUT THE IMAGE: The other day Nona Hatay, who has a studio 2 floors above me, brought me this photo she took of the canal that our studio building runs along, with bits of snow and ice tossed about by the current. This is what she saw when she looked out her window last Thursday. It’s like one of those images where once you see the image within, you can never look at it again and not see it. I saw it immediately. I look at it as a sign from Jamoka that he is watching over me, because I want to look at it that way.

Nona is currently working on delivering some of her James Brown photos for the Hard Rock Cafe main office in Orlando to be distributed to different Hard Rock branches. They already have some of her Jimi Hendrix photos. She is also working on getting together some of her Jimi Hendrix and Tina Turner images for delivery to the Hard Rock Hall of Fame, and is also working on a visual autobiography called, “Through my eyes; 40 years of Photography and Photo Art”, to be published next year.

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