The Metaphor-Go-Round

88_mgoround.jpgMerry-Go-Round explanation From Wikipedia-

“Although modern carousels (especially in America) are mainly populated with horses, carousels from earlier periods frequently included diverse varieties of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and deer, to name a few. Within a given country, carousels are generally all built to rotate in the same direction, with the choice derived perhaps from the rules of the road of that country. In Britain, it’s the reverse in both cases. Another reason for the choice may be that the British felt it necessary to enable the rider to mount the wooden steeds in the “proper” fashion, inserting the left foot in the stirrup and swinging the right leg over and up onto the animal.
The Americans, on the other hand, were more concerned with people being able to “grab the brass ring” while spinning round and round. Since most people are right-handed, the machine would have to travel in a counter-clockwise direction so that the right hand would be free to reach for the ring.”

Why is no one on the horse? Is the terror in his eyes due to the inexplicable (yet always metaphoric) appearance of Sisyphus and his pet rock? (Of course Sisyphus didn’t even rate a rooster, his life is totally Sisyphean).

Did Crazed Pony throw his rider? Did Crazy Pony forget to take his meds? (my extensive research turned up a discussion/support group who lamented the *Meddy-Go-Round* of drug treatments).
Who was that now-missing rider, so carelessly tossed aside at the merest reaction of fear to a man weilding a big rock?
Where is Narcissus? (Well, he couldn’t tear himself away from his pond, that’s to be expected).

Why did Jamoka only get a chicken? Is it because of his clear disdain for the Merry-Go-Round? Or is it because of his fur color? or lack of political connections? He seems resigned to his fate. Or else he’s about to lose his “Flatulence free miracle dog food” breakfast.

And Mother Superior? How did she outlive the Von Trapp children? Her faith is unshaken as she goes round and round, her face a mask of contentment and faith. Or maybe *she’s* on the Meddy-Go-Round!? I’m with her approach.

How could Sisyphus possibly be passing Power-operated Crazy Pony on the outside? Is he doping? Is that rock filled with cork? And what will happen when the evil ride operator mischievously/accidentally/gleefully turns up the speed? Such are the mysteries of life.

And has anyone seen Benign Girl?

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