Starring Elaine and Blair

I found this pretty great vintage ad but it’s not clear to me what exactly it is advertising. So I decided to cast these two in my favorite movie, “I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing”, and give them scintillating art dialogue for my enjoyment.


Elaine: “I think he is somewhat incapacitated by his emotions.”

Blair: “New York is wild for his oblique pragmatism.”

Elaine: “The static structure is offset by his whimsical sociological references.”

Blair: “There is a hopefulness in his contextural destruction.”

Elaine: “The lack of resolution of his themes almost adds to a vaguely literal internal transformation of the subject.”

Blair: “But you are wrong. It is his obsessive resolution that certainly drives a well-defined non-literal external static quality of the noun, not the subject.”

Elaine: “That’s a really nice sweater.”

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