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a work in progress for nancy marion elwell.

the sound? wth happened to the soundtrack? sigh. back to the drawing board…

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Later I may come back and outline what mergers of this size mean for the future for all of us — and I may even type my own tale of woe and deceit and everything BUT *high-speed cable and internet* — but for now I am just going to paste this very important message from

It’s not cool to sign petitions. But they DO work. Adding your voice to a petition tells the powers that be that you too disagree with the world becoming a terrifying place run by 3 major companies who bought out every smaller company and will battle each other to the death for world control via being the sole supplier of the world’s needs. So stop surfing of checking facebook for 2-3 minutes, get your priorities together and risk being uncool, and add your name. Or a fake name if you are a conspiracy theorist. It is safe, fast, and effective.

And if you have kids then you OWE THEM your best efforts at saving the future for them.


There’s good news! Thanks in part to the response we helped generate, the FCC has extended the deadline to receive comments about Comcast’s attempted internet takeover untilOctober 29th.

50,000 people have taken action already. The FCC will be surprised by this kind of response to a merger question, but the deck is stacked against us so we need to go all out. Can we count on you to help us get to 100,000 comments by the end of this week?

Click here to submit a comment to the FCC opposing the Comcast merger that would dismantle Internet freedom.

Read the email below for more background, and please forward this to your friends and family. It affects all of us!

Urgent: there are just a few days left to stop Comcast from taking over Time Warner Cable and signing a death sentence for net neutrality. Click here to take action now.

This one really requires no explanation. The most hated company in the US is trying to take over the second most hated company in the US, in a move that would raise our cable and Internet bills, stifle online free speech, and make them one of the most powerful lobbies in history. [1]

This merger is bad for EVERYONE, and there is tons of opposition, even from within the FCC. We have a real chance at stopping this but we have to act quickly. [2]

The deadline is next week! Click here to stop Comcast in its tracks.

Comcast is already the largest and most powerful opponent of net neutrality, online privacy, and Internet freedom. They’ve been caught several times abusing their “gatekeeper” power as an Internet provider to further their own interests. [3] If the FCC lets Comcast forcibly absorb Time Warner Cable — the second largest Internet provider in the U.S. — they will control access to information in nearly 6 of 10 people’s homes (more if you’re only counting truly high speed Internet). [4]

Millions of you have sent comments to the FCC in support of net neutrality. We’re asking for your help again because if this merger goes through, Comcast gets even more powerful — in the marketplace, online, and in Washington, DC. If we don’t stop this takeover right now, we’ll be fighting an uphill battle on net neutrality and online free speech for years to come.

Will you sign? Click here to submit a comment opposing the Comcast merger.

After you sign, please forward this email to everyone you know and share the petition on social media.

Here’s the link one last time: 

IN MY OPINION: A farce from hell, with an extra helping of deceit and attitude on top

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tigerdirect hell, tigerdirect excuses, tiger direct lies about shipping, tigerdirect shady practices, tigerdirect untrustworthy, tigerdirect rebate scams
This began as a trying tale of a broken laptop and repeated attempts to get the warranty honored and a replacement shipped ASAP. But, as I post more and more complaints (BELOW) about TigerDirect., I realizeBIG BAD WOLF that my own tale is a combination of elements from almost all of the other complaints; lies, defective equipment, un-honored warranties and promises, dozens of phone calls, each with a different story to either deceive or appease me, fabricated tracking numbers galore with nothing to track, and a standard 2-day shipping policy that is seemingly NEVER honored for any customers. My best guess is that this is a way to save a few dollars on shipping per order while looking like they actually offer that shipment speed, with various excuses for when it is not honored.


I feel like I am dealing with various embodiments of a fast-talking salesperson and big bad wolf combined.

So, I am going to simply sprinkle this sparse post (because I realize that in retelling my own story I become exhausted, frustrated, and exhaustedgry) with quotes about from and fun animated gifs so as to keep it interesting.

And of course TigerDirect is located in Florida…tigerdirect scams, tigerdirect lies, tiger direct lies about 2 day shipping


And so, I present, a myriad of ANGRY complaints from other people ripped off by (all links in the pasted posts below because the forum where I found them does not support links and links are fun!) were added by me in places where the angry consumer clearly and obviously means

tigerdirect hell, tigerdirect excuses, tiger direct lies about shipping, tigerdirect shady practices, tigerdirect untrustworthy, tigerdirect rebate scams

For the third time, YES, your warranty covers drops and spills. I PROMISE.


Of course we will ship it 2nd day air. We promise.

Of course we will ship it 2nd day air. We promise.


On August 27, 2014 order computer parts that totaled $1,050.53 according to the receipt from Tiger Direct. My credit card company called me that there was another charge on my card from Tiger Direct for the amount of $836.76 that they felt was suspicious. Being that there were two different charges on the card, I tried to contact the company which could not be reached. I called the credit card company to cancel all charges and to issue me a new card. This company should be removed from the internet.



On February 2014 I purchased 4 SSD drives from TigerDirect for $349.99 each. When I told my overseas customer that I had already placed his order and the total plus my commission, he said that the price was too steep since he saw the same drives for $249.99 each at I immediately called TigerDirect and said that I was going to refuse delivery because I found a better price at The TigerDirect associate assured me that if I accepted the delivery they would match the price. Well, I accepted the package, charged my customer $249.99 each plus my commission and today is August 22, 2014 and I’m still waiting for my refund. Nobody in TigerDirect answers my calls or emails, or twitter anymore.

I have spoken to many TigerDirect associates and they have been very nice and promised that they would take care of it but never did. And you know what? TigerDirect associates communicate with customer with email addresses that don’t belong to TigerDirect so you can’t use emails as proof of mal-intention. And on March 2014 TigerDirect was selling the same SSD drives for the same price was selling. TigerDirect Bad company. TigerDirect Dishonest company. TigerDirect Deserves to go bankrupt. I have on my Twitter the reply from @TigerDirect assuring me that a TigerDirect manager would contact me ASAP and it never happened. Please don’t buy from TigerDirect .

Yet this item is “in stock” and eligible for 2nd day shipping” and is a replacement for… well, it’s a long story and I will finish it later but it all began with a lie from and since then I have been promised they’d make it right and yet every assurance has turned out to be a lie, as I get a vastly different story from each manager and customer srevice rep with whom I speak, and one manager was so bitchy and snippy that she reminded me of a female prison guard from an episode of either OZ or Law & Order, I can’t remember which.

 First off, I had to spend an hour on the phone with an incompetent and unhelpful TigerDirect service rep to wrangle the $150 Surface Pro 3 TigerDirect student discount. Major pain. When I made my order, I thought the worst was over. Boy was I wrong. My shipping address was different from my billing address. TigerDirect made me jump through hoops for a good 2.5 hours, including conference calling my bank in on the call with thE TigerDirect customer service rep and asking me to send them a copy of my lease as proof of residency. Not only that but TigerDirect (without my permission) added the most expensive warranty onto my purchase (I was able to cancel it) and TigerDirect completely ignored my request for 2 day shipping, then TigerDirect had the gall to claim I had never ordered it in the first place (I ordered it on the phone with one of the TigerDirect customer service reps).

Never deal with TigerDirect. You will be treated with no respect. After 2.5 hours of complete **, I ended up canceling my TigerDirect order. I will never order from TigerDirect again. If I could give TigerDirect  less than one star, I would. ripoff company ripoff company

MY OWN story will eventually follow… Once I get off hold, in what is now my 15th phone call — during which I have heard an 8th version of events, supporting my accusation of myriad lies and random deceit — and have time to type up all my notes (7 pages thus far) and gather all my email communications with ripoff company

Meanwhile, all of you out there who have had a similarly shady experience with please message me and I will be happy to include your tales of woe with this hilariously-yet-not shady company.

Dear ,there is a general law barring “Unlawful or Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices” and I will be introducing it to you soon. I have caught you,, in so many lies by now,, that I would actually give you a medal for Creativity in Deceit if you,, can think up any new ones. 


Bill of Orofino, ID on Aug. 15, 2014
Satisfaction Rating 1/5
I needed to order a new PC for my wife. So I thought of TigerDirect. First off the website made check out impossible. Every time I click check out, the website took me to a page full of ads and the only option was shop. Finally out of frustration I called the TigerDirect 800 number. The consultant I spoke to was very pushy about selling me things I did not want, to the point of being rude and inconsiderate. I finally had to tell I had had enough of TigerDirect‘s hard push sales tactics and either cancel the order or ship it… An order that should not have taken more than 20 min took an hour and a half. NEVER again TTigerDirect. Don’t walk away from , RUN! I have ordered from TigerDirect for a good number of years, have recommended them to friends. Never again.


Patrick of Salinas, CA on

The UPC was TAPED to the rebate form.  received the rebate form, but pretend it didn’t include the UPC and the bonus is that the item is no longer returnable, because the UPC has been removed from the box. ** TigerDirect.



C of Philadelphia, PA on

Made a order 7/16/14 for a single product with two-day shipping. After six day (four business days) the product had yet to arrive and the tracking information provided within my account on TigerDirect had revealed to me that the item had yet to be shipped. I called customer support and told of the situation. The person I was speaking to told me that the item was to be shipped directly from the manufacturer… However, could tell that the item was not in stock. To my surprise as nothing was noted on the facade of the TigerDirect website as I was shopping for products. Seemingly more insulting, the TigerDirect Customer Service Rep. also mentioned that the TigerDirect service department had been in communication with the TigerDirect manufacturing regarding this product the day before I called TigerDirect. Yet, not a single call was made to me the day before explaining the situation.

I mentioned that I would not want to pay for the two day shipping if I were to keep the order – though the shipping price would stay as is because technically it will be two day shipping… from the day get it back in stock. This might have been acceptable if I was aware the product was out-of-stock when I ordered it, though TigerDirect did not seem to be concerned with the inherent differentiating characteristics of this situation. So I cancelled the order, though I am behind on my timeline… Thanks TigerDirect for the wonderful communication and a waste of my time.


It has been one month since I originally filed my complaint on June 9, 2014, and nothing has been done by July 15th–no reply so I am posting this message. July 8, I spoke with Supervisor Richard ** at 800-800-8300 ext. **. ( Supervisor Kelly was not working when I called He assured me that he would take this problem up with management and would definitely get back to me by email within 24 hours. My problem is with my Maylong M-270 tablet purchased from  on October 19, 2013 (one-year warranty) Order #**. All of a sudden it stopped working and I cannot get it repaired.

I called Maylong’s support line for the tablet many times. That number, as well as the Maylong website no longer exist. I called ‘s customer service rep Estelle on 6/9 and she promised to follow through and get back to me. Nobody did. I called on 6/16, and the cs rep was very rude and said it’s Maylong’s problem. Then she gave me a phone number and extension that she insisted was Estelle’s line. It turned out to be a firm that wanted me to join a price club and get a $20 coupon for

I called  (6/16) and insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I spoke with Supervisor Kelly at 800 800 8300 extension **. He said he would check with corporate about this situation (regarding an exchange or refund) and get back to me promptly. He never did get back to me. If I do not get a warranty exchange or refund, I intend to post this note at various places on the web, including Yelp, Wacktrap, the‘s review page and Tthe Facebook page, as well as the BBB and the Florida Attorney General’s consumer fraud office.


I placed a  order for an mp3 player on . waited hours and then sent me an email saying that  oversold the item, but don’t worry, were back ordering it and I would get one. A few days later I get ANOTHER email reassuring me I’d get the item because it was on back order. As a result, I ordered accessories for this item and then after not hearing anything for awhile, I called, got a customer service rep who promptly started yelling at me, treating me like an idiot child for BELIEVING‘s misinformed emails. After awhile I got a supervisor who offered me a credit for about 3x what I had ordered for, since the deal I was supposed to receive was low priced. But I went to look at the rest of their mp3 players and discovered that didn’t have any mp3 players of any kind of quality in their online store, AT ALL. So after looking at every single cheap poor quality mp3 player that  lists, I asked if I could acquire another mp3 player elsewhere and instead have the credit I was offered to be changed so I could get something ELSE since their mp3 players are all garbage.

OF COURSE NOT! First, they,, list something and mis-sell it, and do not make it so once they sold out, would not be able to sell more. Then sent multiple reassurances telling me that had ordered more and they would arrive soon and I would get one. It was‘s mistakes that caused this whole problem, not anything I did. Then had uninformed, rude phone people who made mendacious remarks and accusations based on their extreme lack of knowledge.

If you want to have a good experience buying something, then AVOID at all costs! You’ll just end up offended by their customer service reps and cheated out of your money. do NOT know what they are doing there, and anyone who spends their money at will end up being lied to and mistreated for the mistake of considering them honest sellers.


While their website appears full of cost-saving options, their customer service is horrible. I specifically went there in search of a refurbished desktop, as I did not want to spend over $200 on it. After hours of searching on various sites, I found just about the best model/specs I could get within this budget. Again, the problem wasn’t finding it online, it started right after I made the order.

First – I indicated 2-day delivery. The package arrived after 4 business days. While part of this may be attributed to UPS, what is certainly responsible for is shipping me the wrong item. The desktop that arrived never looked like it was refurbished and on top of it all, was made from a much slower processor that I specifically picked. After calling about this, their agents treated me like I didn’t know much about computers and automatically wanted to start the entire process over as if I needed special help in finding the right model. Once I convinced  I only wanted to return it at this point, finally sent me the return authorization. The problems didn’t stop there.

I shipped everything back and called to make sure it was received. Their agents confirmed over the phone and said it would be 3-5 business days until my money was returned. After multiple calls and 12 days later, I finally got an automated message from  that were releasing the funds and it they would be available in another 3-5 days.  has held me and my $ up for 3 weeks, putting me right back when I started on this desktop search. Rude customer service and complete lack of responsibility. There’s plenty of other sites that deserve your business – don’t waste it here .


I am wasting 15 mins of my life to warn others of this SCAM by Tiger Direct. Avoid purchasing from this place if you can. They, had a $80 rebate on Dell laptop and $25 off on $100 or more dollars (if you purchase an item qualified). I have ordered in January 2014 and did not receive the item that qualifies until Mar end. After a number of calls (mind you each will have at least 10-15 mins wait period), they gave up and decided one day to cancel the order (without letting me know). When asked about the rebate, they said you can’t avail that. Fine. With lots of fight I got back the shipping charges, they charged me for the item that was not shipped (Dell was with free shipping by shoprunner). 7 – 10 days later I receive the item (I thought it was complementary for the trouble they,, put me into — I was going by other shopping sites standards — Amazon, Newegg, or any other place than this **hole).

They,, send me a manual billing. I call them to return the product and had to wait 20 mins before giving up. For a while I decided to do nothing about this and then I call the customer support to return the after couple of months. So they,, tell me that I have to pay for the shipping to return, since I kept it for so long ( don’t consider the fact they took months to cancel the order). Regarding the rebate on dell.. I was supposed to send a UPC barcode, which I could not find on the box and they all the help I got from was “look for it”. Anyways, I lost that $80 too… The rebates, discounts they use to promote this is not really worth your time and effort. Eventually they will square with you and will make up all their money they ever gave you in rebates. SO BEWARE and avoid shopping from { }.


I rarely get this pissed off at a merchant. should be ashamed. sent a promotion, confirmed my purchase and then canceled without any notification. Ok, so that happens… but then lied! actually made stuff up about trying to contact us, timing, items in stock, etc. When I called on these lies, the service manager could barely articulate an answer, finally fumbling over words but managing to give me a person for escalation. Still haven’t heard anything. Probably never will. claims they had thousands of orders and oversold. acknowledged my order was an early one. claimed they were calling everyone to verify the order (really? Calling thousands of people?). claim they could not reach me even though have email, phone and a record of my checking tracking info on the order. They lied about sending an email and about leaving a voice message. Finally, because I believed I had made a purchase (my funds on hold, a confirmation email from ), I did not take advantage of other promos available. So now, I don’t have my equipment, I can’t get other deals and I don’t have the confirmed order. Horrible experience.


Ordered a system and was told that it would arrive 7 business days. Ordered 6/16. Was shipped on 6/19 and on 6/24 according to the tracking number it was out for delivery. Delivery address is in California and the system was in Illinois. I got on chat and was told – it will be there by 5 p.m. I told that it wasn’t possible. It took 5 days to get the system from southern California to Illinois, were not going to get it into central California in less than a day ( shipped it from Brentwood to Naperville). I asked for a manager – never heard another word from the agent. I tried again the next day – different agent – same story – “It will be delivered today”. It’s 2000 miles away. Perhaps it’s not a geography lesson that is needed – perhaps need better tools, perhaps need to question reality – perhaps should quit lying to customer. Not sure if the system is still on it’s way. I have asked for a manager several times and I am not sure they exist within Tiger Direct. It was a good price for the system but it wasn’t worth the hassle. Heaven help me if the system doesn’t work correctly. I am going to and urge anyone else to avoid Tiger Direct. are not worth the hassle or the peace of mind you will lose.


Ordered new motherboard and new chip. Computer shop installed, no life. said didn’t take warranty out. Ordered new one and better chip. Paid extra for square deal warranty. Again called , keep getting transferred and hung up on. All work done from new unopened parts at computer shop. Total rip off shop ordering new processor and motherboard for me… Stay away from Tiger Direct.


I ordered a $1400 laptop from Tiger Direct and paid extra for two-day shipping. Checking UPS for tracking, I discovered it was drop-shipped from Ingram Micro, one of the largest distributors of electronic merchandise. The laptop arrived and the keyboard only had a few functioning letters. I couldn’t even get through the “Set Up Windows” routine when first booting it up, so there may have been a lot more wrong with it.

I called Tiger Direct immediately and was given two choices: return it and wait for it to be received before ship another one; or pay for another one ($1400, remember) and get a refund when the first one is received. Since I had already paid extra for quick delivery, neither alternative was acceptable. I talked to a supervisor (at least he claimed to be) who gave the same line. I told I wanted a return label and I would order the computer elsewhere. I won’t buy from again. used to be reliable, but now they are just out for themselves and devil take the customers.


I bought a removable disk drive from TigerDirect. In less than 3 months, the fan went bad. When I called they told me that their return policy was for 30 days. I explained that I wasn’t returning a product because I didn’t like it or it didn’t meet my expectations. I was returning it because it was defective. Their policy is that you have to go back to the manufacturer.

My feelings, as a unsatisified customer, is that I bought it from Tiger Direct and Tiger Direct should handle the defective product with the manufacturer. disagreed. The gentleman on the phone just spouted company policy and didn’t try to resolve my issue. I will never buy from again. have lost a loyal customer. I wil also not recommend because of their poor customer service.


I tried to pay off my son’s computer balance. I was informed that I had to pay by debit card, no credit cards accepted and the “customer service rep” did not know if took cashiers checks. I was also informed that “they” could not tell me the balance of the bill unless my son was on the phone with me. My son was told the interest was 25% (it is 29%) and there would be no “interest if paid in full” by August next year, he is being charged interest. The store would not take payments so my son now has to pay by phone (another 15 dollar charge by the way) and cannot make advance payments because he has “no payment history”. My son had great credit and now it is ruined due to TigerDirect. I will never buy from again and I tell EVERYONE not to buy from .


My husband and I needed a new television for our bedroom upon moving into a new, larger home. We have dealt with tiger direct in the past with great success, but this experience has left the words “Tiger Direct” blasphemy in our home. After the television showing up with a hole on the screen side and damage to the actual screen, we turned down the delivery from UPS and had it shipped back. We called immediately to inform them of the issue and explain why we turned down the television shipment. We called several times to check on the television’s status for a refund, were told there are no exchanges and a refund would be issued when the television showed up at their warehouse.

After several weeks of no refund, my husband calls again and the man says, “What? No exchange? We’ll send you out a new one at no cost and it’s even cheaper now, we’ll give you a $100 refund” No tv, No tv, No tv. Call. Call….Call….”That tv was never shipped, sir, you will not be receiving a television from us.” My husband, “So we will not receive a television from you, correct? We are going to buy one from a store, now.” Representative: “You will absolutely not receive a television.” Sams club shopping trip 1 hour away, new tv on wall. Guess what? Fedex drops of a tv from Tiger Direct to be signed for. Didn’t want to get billed for it so decided to keep it in our possession this time. Called Tiger Direct and for not my call, never would have known I had the $700 dollar television, because now they claim they never sent us a television via Fedex. Decided to keep the tv because it was a better television, and was promised a $159 dollar refund for the price reduction and all our trouble.

We paid our  bill, they’ve got their money. GAME OVER, I guess. Guess what, weeks and weeks later, no refund and now say take $100 dollars or nothing and we still don’t have that in our possession. “5-7 business days, 5-7 business days, 5-7 business days”. Are  hoping we’re gonna give up? DON’T USE THIS COMPANY ANY LONGER, EVEN IF YOU’VE HAD SUCCESS BEFORE!!! Customer service is awful! You ask which order number below, I ask you which one. What a joke! Ordered 3/6/14, today 5/24/14.


Basically I [received] a desktop tower that was not the one I ordered. Spent $500 to receive something that would have cost $100 at a big box store. What happened to this company? used to be good. I will no longer do business here, but it seems obvious that won’t be in business much longer as long as this kind of customer service keeps up.


Tiger Direct sells items that does not have in stock. And mailed me any item they want. It is up to their opinion of what I need and what I don’t need. 10 years ago this company was fine and now after this company moved overseas, it became a scammer and cheater and fraud. even refused to cancel my order even if they DID not ship it yet. I sent 7 emails in 5 days requesting cancellation but I got no response. I contacted PayPal and in 3-way call with PayPal and Tiger Direct, I requested cancellation and money back, but nothing happened. Bunch of liars, jerks. Stay away. It is nothing but a headache.


Ordered a item on 4/23/14 and it said ships within 48 hours. On 4/28/14 I received a email stating it would be shipped out on 5/5/14, WHAT???? So from 48 hours now to 13 days!!!! On 5/6/14 still not shipped! I contacted again. The first time are refunding my shipping count. This time I want 20% off the purchase price and free shipping!! “No, sorry we can’t do that,” I’m told. Then, “escalate me,” I say. “No I can’t do that either.” Oh did I mention that this item makes me lose $350/Day when it’s not here!! So to be fair I give 8 days to get to me from the order date. So with this being 5/6/14 as of now I have lost $2,100 and more to come. We need to shut this so called company down!!!!!!!!!


On 02/09/2014, someone using my name charged $173.56 to my MC and accepted the authorization. I do not have my home phone # in their system and I have always logged-in in order to make my purchases. Apparently, didn’t care if it was the real me or not. gave me some jerk’s name (Cesar ** in Miami, FL) and his direct line. He never called back to assist me nor to address my concerns. In fact, I have gone up to 2 levels of authority in order to resolve this issue myself. Their lame excuse in so many words “it’s your problem not ours.” This really set me off! I have not ordered from since July 2011. Go figure now why would I suddenly want to do business with That’s why I left in 2011. Gut instinct works. Account was closed by TigerDirect, I wonder why? I canceled my credit card and by the way this person lives in Las Vegas NV. If had moved, I would have made the changes in their database in order to address future problems similar to this one. Oh yeah I live in TN.


I ordered a 55-inch flat screen from Tiger Direct. The first thing that should be noted is that say on their site that most orders are shipped in 24 hours. I placed my order on April 25th. didn’t recognize the order till the 26th, even though charged me on the 25th. The order wasn’t made to have the item picked up until the 28th. This order was going from southern California, “L.A.” warehouse according to the shipping company to Phoenix, AZ, approximately 500 miles! Apparently, the tv was eventually picked up on the 29th according to A.T.I. The company responsible for shipping this Television, so (shipped in 24 hours turned into 96 hours) to be fair, this was their free shipping option.. But they state on their site that delivery is made in 5 days to 11 days when I made this order on the 25th. Doing my math, the worst case was that it would arrive on the day of the party where it was to be presented, May 5th.. a Sunday…..

I watched the shipping info and got nervous quickly when I noticed that the item didn’t seem to move. “I can drive to L.A. from my home in less then 5 hours.” The tracking function on the site only showed (in transit) from the 29th, 30th, 31st of April, May 1, May 2nd (Friday) before the party. When I checked the shipping status, it showed it had arrived the night before in PHX at 9:27 pm but not out for delivery?? I called the shipper A.I.T. and asked if it would be out for delivery that day and was informed that I would have to “schedule a delivery for the following Monday.” I explained the situation to the person at the shipping company and asked if I could pick it up at their warehouse instead. This was at 11 am Friday, may 2nd.. I was first told that there was too much fraud and that was against the “company policies.” I explained the situation again to this person (who identified themselves as the dispatcher) that this was a present to be given on Sunday. I was then transferred to a manager who then told me at first that it wouldn’t be a problem to pick up the item at their shipping dock but very quickly changed his mind and informed me that on this item they couldn’t allow it since it had come from their L.A. warehouse and that I would have to call that facility to get permission to pick it up.

I was given a number to call. When I did, I was promptly told that this was incorrect and I would have to call the PHX warehouse??? I explained again the situation and what I was already told by the PHX office.. I was put on hold for 15 minutes and when the gentleman came back on the line, I was informed that the real problem was that the contract with  didn’t allow for me to pick it up, and that the only way I could get it that day was to have give them permission to release it to me “or for to authorize a “same day delivery, 8 days after the order”?? He told me that he would call and try to get that authorization. He also encouraged me to do the same saying would respond to me faster than would to him..

So after a total of 48 minutes on the line, I was now calling again. I again had to speak to multiple people at after being told that I was talking to the wrong people or didn’t understand the problem and referred to call the shipper (running me around in circles). I would explain who I already talked to and what all other parties had said.. Each time I was put on hold and or transferred to a different department (I should explain, I run an auto repair facility for a living and was trying to do this while dealing with the buss. at hand). would put me on hold each time and I would have to wait again and again. My call log on my cell showed I was on the line at least 2 hours and 15 minutes. The whole time, I was asking to talk to a manager and each time, I would be told no problem but each time, I was put on hold up to 25 minutes and when a voice would return, it would be the same rep, making a new excuse to why I couldn’t pick this up. When he came back again, I was told would give the shipper an ok to allow me to pick it up but I would have to fill out a liability waiver they would email me.

So I waited on the line with him till I received the waiver which stated that if there was any damage at all under any circumstance, that I would have no recourse at all and I was willing to waive all warranty!!! I told the rep. absolutely not because I hadn’t even seen the tv. I was put on hold again. Each time the blame was put on the shipper (almost like they forgot the prior conversation, this I don’t doubt with the time frame between each conversation!!). Finally, I was told that I would have a call back from the manager. At this point, it was now 3:30 pm..

Within 2 minutes, I received a call from A.I.T. rep saying that they where dispatching the delivery and it would arrive between 4pm and 7:30 pm. I told them it was great, it could be dispatched but that my buss. is only open till 5:30 pm. I was put on hold and when the young woman came back on, I was told it would be there by 5:30 pm. 45 minutes later at 4:45 pm, a van pulled in to my lot with a shipper name on the side.. my tv was there, I was now happy and when the Tiger Direct mgr. finally did call (conveniently as the van pulled in, I told them thanks for getting it worked out) but as soon as I hung up, the driver started unloading from the van right away. My assistant pointed out that the box was open already.. The driver had parked as far from the bus. door as he could. And as he removed the box from the back of his van, the tv almost fell out of the bottom of the box which was also apparently open.. He caught it and was able to lower the tv onto a simple mover’s dolly that he then used to get the tv to the front door. As he approached the front of the buss., he seemed to lose control of the dolly and the box, and dolly bounced off the cyclone fence of the yard. He tried to correct it and get it through the door of the bus., once again pushing it right off the dolly onto the ground.

For some reason, he felt he had to right it back onto the dolly then try to lift it up (forgetting the bottom was unsecured ) allowing the tv to fall about 18 inches to the ground loudly. He then asked me to sign his receipt saying it was fine and undamaged!!! LOL. I told him I needed to look at the tv and make sure it wasn’t damaged first. This he found funny and laughed at!!! This jerk that had dropped the tv 3 times in 35 feet.. When we took the packaging away from the tv, it was obvious that the screen was damaged but oddly enough not where it had fallen. It was damaged on the left side of the screen at about the midpoint. It looked like it had been hit with a hammer!!! A shatter point the size OF A GOLF BALL with fractures radiating away from it. Needless to say, I refused delivery, and again called Tiger Direct who once again left me on hold for over an hour. That call log showed 1 hr 15 minutes. I was not allowed to talk to a manager and was told they would refund my money.. I explained again that this would be too late since the funds would be tied up for several days and this would be a problem since i didn’t have another 750 to spend on this item. In the end, I can not give the intended recipient the gift and I will not have funds returned even with them “forcing it through” for another 7 to 10 days. thanks Tiger Direct and AIT for ruining a birthday..


I ordered a television from this firm. issued two different orders for the one TV. charged my credit card for two TV’s. I called three times and all I get is “we apologize”. The way operate their company must “apologize” one thousand times a day. Finally, the “Customer Service???” lady was going to transfer me to a supervisor, but of course she could not even accomplish that. She disconnected me. Buy from these people at your own risk.


In December 2013, I ordered a Dell Venue Pro 8 from Tiger Direct. This order came with a rebate and also a $20 Windows Store gift card. First problem, I paid for expedited delivery and that was a failure. I won’t go into all the details on this problem, but suffice it to say that when I contacted them to try to get some help changing the delivery when it failed to be delivered when promised–there was no help. They blamed UPS, but when I called UPS I was told that Tiger Direct had placed a restriction on it so that no one could change it. UPS told me Tiger Direct could change it, but when I contacted Tiger Direct for the umpteenth time, I continued to be told that they could do nothing. The truth is–they could do something but would not. As far as the rebate goes, I did actually get that – I used their expedited process which cost me a couple bucks, but hey, at least I got it.

That’s more than I can say about the Windows card. I asked Tiger Direct in January when I would get it and they told me in 8-10 weeks from my purchase. Ok, well here we are in mid-April and I’ve got nothing. Last week I contacted them and now they say it’s a Microsoft problem – I have to contact Microsoft. I told them I knew this was a lie, but I went ahead and contacted Microsoft anyway. Of course, Microsoft says it was a Tiger Direct promotion and they have nothing to do with it. NO surprise. So back to Tiger Direct. So far, I have gotten no resolution. The customer service department is useless. They barely understand you and won’t do anything anyway – they just say they are sorry and blame others for the problem (UPS, Microsoft). This seems extremely dishonest to me. I would never, ever, ever do business with this company again and if you choose to, all I can say is good luck. You’ll need it.











[I, Petunia] Not for sale; Decency II

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A work of fiction, by Petunia Jablonsky, to be presented in serial format, a few sentences or paragraphs whenever… our attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

 “The important thing is to write and to keep writing…for when you start you won’t stop until your story has been told, and you never know what you might find along the way, or at the end. You have a gift. Certainly all the money stolen from you — from “family” no less, and including the man you’d called “dad” who kept the money your Grammie left for you, excusing it by saying, “I’m keeping that money; I earned it by being stuck with a sick woman all my life”, and the brother you’d always protected and who’d stolen well over half a million dollars for you because his life is devoid of the things that matter more than money” — means you bought and paid for these stories, so write them and don’t stop for a minute. Do not edit, do not re-read, just write forward and never look back” 

I, Petunia, often think of the good times, the hilarious times, the great times, regarding both of these aforementioned situations and peoples.

When we first met at the wedding of a friend we clicked immediately, in a good way and a true way, not a heat-driven or cheap way. We laughed and danced and smiled and laughed again. I left with him and his friends, a hilarious couple, all of us exuberant and unwilling to let the evening end, and my friend K drove back alone, without minding or worrying, as these were all friends of friends. On the way to an after party of some unknown shape or destination they suddenly pulled over to the side and so we pulled over behind them. They got out, so we followed suit. We all looked at each other, still laughing, not knowing or caring why we’d stopped, and because our radio was blasting Brick House we all began to dance on the sidewalk as cars drove by honking and staring. After a few minutes of this we all, without a word, got into our two respective cars and simply resumed the drive as a mini convoy, still laughing. The days that followed were heady, hilarious, epic, swoonful.

I digress… I promised to just write and write and this is easy for me as I, Petunia, do not write so much as let my three typing fingers do their jerry-rigged thing, loudly as I am often told, on the keypad. There never seems to be any communication between mind and fingers; they just go, seemingly of their own accord. After years of promising that today is the day I will get back to my blog, I, Petunia, have begun, and I will honor that promise and neither rein in my fingers or look back. Editing is not an option.

… So, according to the 48 year-old ex-brother (8 years older now than in the title of that aforementioned Steve Carell movie that I shamefully snickered about)  who, until he got the/our father, incapacitated by stroke, (it was in the newspaper, as such things are) to sign over the house that the martyr already half-owned in addition to his half-ownership of all the bank accounts and funds (he is not very bright but he is crafty. My mistake was never seeing the crafty side and believing a diligent church-goer would never lie, steal, or chat) by way of legal maneuvering,  was reportedly couch-surging, yet I always had my hand out. And he finished that fabrication up with, “Ya know?”, as if anyone “knew”, or would ever believe that I was anything other than what they knew me to be, and saw for themselves, all along.

I get reports from… let’s see.. (counting), 5 states. I pretty much hear most of they say, though they likely believe I am universally ostracized as the results of their efforts toward that end; that the wife is “openly-loathed” to the south and “barely tolerated” to the north; that her husband, my ex-father, is not allowed private conversations and she is often on the other line listening; and that of all the family friends who’d loved my mother (may she RIP, and who would be utterly-appalled at all that has transpired since her passing), and who’d attended her funeral and wake and all the parties over the years that only 2 friends and 3 relatives were at the wedding. The Mole (the new “stepmother”, who the martyr had once called a golddigger, pushy, manipulative, and not at all a nice person) calls herself a widow, but sometimes, after her 4th or 5th drink, she refers to her deceased husband as her “ex”. Once friends of mine had offered to pay for a private investigator, sure that something other than a lie about widowhood would turn up about the woman whose being made the hair on my arms stand up from the first meeting when she’d smirked at me upon introduction, but I declined. It doesn’t matter any more. Or maybe some day I will accept. I prize my clean conscience above all for I, Petunia, cherish my untainted integrity above all. Money can’t buy shit, beyond material things.

“Oh, he (the martyr) stays at the house when they let him and sometimes he stays at her place” (her being The Mole; the misogynist new wife and perhaps, hilariously, my stepmother, who once followed me to a place out of earshot and asked, faux innocently, if I saw a dermatologist for the “rosacea” that I had no idea that I was burdened with, and them smirked at my shocked expression) — “he just flits about. The two of them are thick as thieves, always giggling over things and buying each other gifts for each others’ homes (this from back when he had a home, where he paid actual rent, rather than sponging) and talking decorating, like a couple of old queens”.

A hilarious, and highly ambitious, lie, that of me having my hand out, considering the source and considering that I have supported myself all my life, in my own apartments, since I graduated from high school, including paying my entire college tuition and rent at the same time, working two jobs till I cut down to one at age 35 which is, coincidentally,  the age at which he finally moved to his own apartment, after finally growing tired, in his own words, of his friends calling him a “Mama’s boy”.

At around this same time he began his scheming with the estate lawyer — “I can take a day off work and drive out from Boston to go to the meetings if you like. But I have already used all my days watching mom while you and dad took vacations so if you don’t need me then I won’t bother. I trust you“. Fucking hilarious last words, now — to not only get the big prize, the house, but also to get every penny meant for me.

“Mom always made the shittiest steaks. They were so thin and tough.”

“WHAT?  The Martyr, can you possibly not know how poor we were? Did you think the whole, “Hey! Let’s have breakfast for dinner” thing was because pancakes from a ready-made mix with fake syrup were so delicious and healthy? Why do you think dad always worked two jobs and we didn’t eat in restaurants and every vacation was spent in tents a short drive away? Do you not remember all the talk of medical bills killing us and being why Grammie and Grampie slipped mom money, because dad was too proud, then, so he said, to take their money? Were you that self-absorbed?”

The Martyr is a bit obtuse and self-occupied, but I guess I don’t blame him. I will get to the why of all this.

One night, late…

“Dad, can I talk to you? I am wondering if you can maybe tone down all the talk of ____’s kids living in McMansions (my word/take, given the size of the houses as compared to the little lots they were built on) and making so much money? The Martyr has told me that is greatly upsets him and makes him feel like a failure so I am wondering if, for his sake, you can sorta tone it down. He has talked to me about this and so I am asking you on his behalf. He is very sensitive, as you know.

Also, WHY don’t parents ever brag about how their kids turned out to be such kind people, or brag about the volunteer work they do? Remember the time Nate (not my older brother’s real name, may he RIP) came to you and suggested that you become a contractor since you do construction in your part time anyway, and because you would make so much more money? You blew up at him, you were so very angry at that, and lectured him on how money is not as important as doing what you love, and how you love teaching so much regardless of what it pays and will never worship at the altar of money. I totally do not get how that aligns with all the mentions of whose kids are making the most money and what fancy material things they have, as if you are in awe of that.”

“Dad, can I talk to you? The martyr is freaking out because you are suddenly using The Mole’s name in every sentence and he is having trouble adjusting to the fact that you are dating someone other than mom. Can you just try to sort of ease him into the situation? I have no issue with this woman and look forward to meeting her — and my philosophy is the more the merrier — but TM is freaking. He is till not over mom’s death so maybe just try to be cognizant of that and try to scale it down? there is nothing wrong with it and we all do it but in this case it is causing him to jump up and run out of the room a lot, lip trembling. Could you do that?”


I, Petunia, will be back.Every day, as promised to my therapist, whom I will call Theresa, bc she has been my Mother Theresa.

[I, Petunia] Not for sale; Decency

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A work of fiction, by Petunia Jablonsky, to be presented in serial format, a few sentences or paragraphs whenever… our attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

I, Petunia, am not angry. I no longer feel anger, at anything; I am angered out and logic has prevailed. I am flattered in some cases and proud in others. The common denominator of what I, Petunia, feel is pity. I am absolutely content. I always survive. I have me to thank for being that smart, that logical, that strong, and I am that grateful for these gifts such that all I can muster is pity.

They say we teach others how to treat us, that we seek that is what is most familiar, that the first 3 months of a person’s life are the most important in terms of early childhood development, that we make our beds. I, Petunia, believe all of this. I believe I am the common denominator of all interactions i have in life and thus I merit some responsibility for my part in them. I did not choose my adoptive family but I did choose my partners in life and I taught them how to treat me. Once I realized this I set about changing. I’d always been working toward change, struggling to evolve, but it often seemed like shoveling against the tide. Sometimes if you cannot beat the mouse infestation you need to burn down the barn. My barn was burned down when I was robbed, emotionally beaten, and left for dead. It took a complete breakdown to rebuild where effecting change was unsuccessful. Thus, I would not change a thing that has ever happened to me and with me, because it is how I got here — to complete contentment, however modest.

“She always had her hand out”, explained my ex-brother regarding my years-long absence to one of our relatives in the state to the north, who listened and nodded, filing this tidbit away so as to tell me later.

greedIt was an absolute and absurd lie as he, the ex-brother, the “martyr”, had schemed and plotted over a decade or so to steal my inheritance because, as he’d reminded our entire family ad nauseum since the day he arrived as an inexplicably grasping, greedy, and sad infant, that he was “the good one”. He got off on being “the good one” as he had an empty life and so money and material gain, the reward of attaining all of these empty means, became both void-filler and lover of sorts. I used to be angry about it but after many years of rumination could muster only pity, though there was a time when I was all too aware of the fact that his daily walk from home to office meant having to walk past the huge marquee announcing the movie, “The Forty Year-Old Virgin”, during it’s run at the little theater downtown. Now I feel shame for snickering at that, and can muster only pity.

I’d never coveted money — preferring to spectate as others shamelessly and transparently fall all over each other, selling their souls and yet believing themselves absolved by way of a weekly trip to church or whatever justification they fabricate — and had let this happen while never believing it could happen, just as I had politely turned down the lawyer who had insisted I sue another ex, the sole ex boyfriend (of a list I can count on one hand) with whom I am no longer friends, for Malicious Prosecution, after he’d unsuccessfully sued me (not his first or last visit to that rodeo) in a case the judge had thrown out while shaming the DA for even daring to present such a travesty in an actual courtroom, though it had cost me $4800 to hire a dense lawyer; a criminal defense lawyer at that.

Lrainater I was told that the window clerk who’d allowed the bitter ex to even file the criminal complaint — an expansive and sad girl “not impervious to flirtation” — had been reprimanded, as had the clerk of courts who’d nervously allowed this farce to proceed from complaint to trial, and the DA who’d blushed when the judge had forced him to repeat the charges aloud, so as to emphasize the taint now blighting his career record.  The judge had later insinuated that he might feel inclined to award treble damages should I wish to pursue damages for the time and money I’d spent, but I declined, finding the idea unseemly.


I’ve forgiven both exes since, on my own and in lieu of any sort of apology or reparation though I have reached out and provided the opportunity, and have unloaded that baggage in a metaphorical dumpster, content to have my integrity intact, yet I feel the stories are forever mine to tell, as I am a fictional character and this, of course, is a fictional tale…

It was 2 am as my dog and I walked the dark mountain road through a monsoon reminiscent of the ones Tony and I had experienced in Chaing Mai, with rain of the sort that was not made of raindrops and did not fall, but rather drove and it pounded in sheets,  punctuated by thunder and frequent lightning which seemed to hit the ground dangerously close, and we were terrified. A car rolled up and I heard my name…

Some Beautiful work…


that I felt I must share.

I have been following Tracey’s work for years and delighting as it gets better and better. Her use of color is astonishing  and her composition is delightful and yet mysterious!

Someday I am going to own a Tracey Physioc Brockett.

“On my Home Health visits I see the effects of war, the wearing down of age, the ravages of disease, the entropy of life. As well as stories of pain and loneliness, of loss, there is love, joy, beauty and above all hope. Sometimes when I am tired and overworked, I forget to look out the window as I drive, to see the sights. Sometimes, as when I am working with a profoundly deaf woman, it is the light streaming through an old window pane and onto a glass ornament that can spark us to look deep into each other’s eyes. At night, when I am exhausted I ask myself, is this all there is? To eat and sleep and get up and do it all over again, to dress and wash and settle people for the day? Is there a future for this planet where we have done such wonderous things, where there is so much incredible beauty that it makes me hungry for it, even as it is plundered and disregarded, where so many people are taken advantage of, or, worse, ignored? Then I pull out my colours and let my mind quiet, and I paint for all the hurt and beauty of the world. I can not know if it is enough for the future, but it is enough for the NOW.”

~Tracey Physioc Brockett

Tracey Physioc Brockett

Cricket, 2012
Tracey Physioc Brockett

For more work see her website at, and for mer musings, see her blog at

Tracey Physioc Brockett

Slow Turn diptych, 38 x 50 inches acrylic and oilstick on paper, 2012

Diagram B; Tennis
30.5 x 31 inches
acrylic and oilstick on paper, 2012


For Kevin, who begged

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For Kevin, who begged

THE KEVIN SERIES: American Kevinstand

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Kevin’s wife Juli is my biggest supporter.

THE KEVIN SERIES: Intricate Polychromatic Art Speak for Incongruous Fun Torturing Kevin

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An old image I found years ago:

which was then modified for an old blog post:

recycled for THE KEVIN SERIES.

THE KEVIN SERIES: Dissecting The Projectile Photshopping Opus Of My Muse, Kevin

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This is part of a new series I have only just realized I have been working on for days and which I shall post here as both intellectual fluff and bloggerly filler, as I slowly find my way past the crushing pain (I live with NINE herniated disks/sheer pain, daily) and back to the habitualities of blogging regularly.

This blog has been untended for some time yet I realize that with this sort of Spy vs. Spy relationship I have going on Facebook with my pal Kevin, I have created a series of artwork which should be shared with all, for Kevin says and does the craziest things.

After a grueling day spent posting about politics (which hurts my head, even to simply post that which I have observed, for posteriority) my brain needed an exorcism of sorts and so I made ART. I have a new muse, Kevin who, much like Dwight Shrute, is a farmer. Kevin is my muse. Kevin pretends to me angry about this, he rants, he raves, he threatens, and yet if I miss a day he starts baiting me which I smartishly recognize as begging for more.

Also, this is how my brain works:

And so, I present the new and ongoing series (until I become apathetic), Photoshopping Kevin. It begins with random photos stumbled upon in the interwebs and takes on a life of it’s own. So each opus shall include the before image.

I call this one, Dissecting the Projectile Photoshopping Opus Of My Muse, Kevin, With Identities Blurred.



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